Patrick Horvath’s Bloody and Grotesque Animal Crossing/Dexter Hybrid ‘Beneath the Trees Where Nobody Sees’ Comic Inspired by a Real Murder

MOVIE NEWS – The upcoming comic ‘Beneath the Trees Where Nobody Sees’, created by Patrick Horvath, looks like an excitingly strange hybrid that combines the universes of Animal Crossing and Dexter. Even more surprising, the story was inspired by a real-life murder.


Created by director Patrick Horvath, this fresh horror epic takes place in the quiet community of Woodbrook Town, where a bear named Samantha leads a remarkable double life as a serial killer in true Dexter style. In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Horvath explained what inspired him to write the story. He mentioned that he was inspired by a true story that “grabbed the creator” that took place in a small Belgian town around 2007, while dissecting the dark secrets of the characters in the supposedly peaceful town of Woodbrook.


In a superficial analysis of “Beneath the Trees Where Nobody Sees,” it’s easy to draw parallels to the show “Dexter,” which ran on Showtime from 2006 to 2013 and featured a bloodthirsty killer. However, Horvath explained that the comic draws even more from real-life events, telling a chilling true story in which a man visited a friend’s house while the friend’s family was supposedly away. The guest found the woman’s frozen body in a freezer when he went downstairs with the host to help him clean something.

Woodbrook Town looks like a quiet and peaceful small town, similar to what you see in the Animal Crossing game. The animal characters are cute and create a false sense of security. But when a shocking murder occurs, it shakes the readers to the core. In this case, the reader is confronted with the horrible truth that also surfaced in the real case: the chilling experience of discovering the body of his friend’s wife.


Samantha, it turns out, has a Dexter Morgan-like code of ethics and strictly only kills out-of-towners to avoid the town gossip. But that system “collapses” when she is forced to break those rules, leading to “violence and paranoia.

The ‘Beneath the Trees Where Nobody Sees’ comic will be released on October 18, just in time for Halloween. Serial killers have always been a scary subject, but Horvath’s new work combines elements of Animal Crossing and Dexter to take the chilling reality to a whole new level: the most terrifying killers are the ones no one expects.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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