Star Wars Ashoka Makes Han Solo Backstory Even More Tragic

MOVIE NEWS – Ahsoka’s trip to Han Solo’s home planet of Corellia in the latest Star Wars installment reveals a truth that makes Han’s backstory even more tragic.


Star Wars has made Han Solo’s backstory even more tragic through Ahsoka. In the electric two-episode premiere of the latest Star Wars series, Ahsoka embarks on a journey to find Grand Admiral Thrawn while fearsome adversaries search for her whereabouts. Ahsoka’s former Jedi apprentice Sabine Wren obtains the map and promptly loses it to Thrawn and Ezra Bridger, who have been exiled to the galaxy, but the HK assassin droids sent on the mission trace the clues back to the planet Corellia as the map’s origin.

One of Ahsoka’s allies, General Hera Syndulla, travels with him to Corellia in episode 2 of Ahsoka to inspect the facilities. Corellia has long been known for its shipyards, where the galaxy’s largest frigates, star destroyers, and other ships have been built. The planet is also known for being Han Solo’s home planet, which fueled his passion for ships like the Millennium Falcon. Ahsoka and Hera discover that Corellia still manufactures some of the parts used in the Star Destroyer, even though the New Republic’s defense fleet never ordered anything of that size, leading to the tragic truth of Han’s backstory.

Ahsoka and Hera’s trip to Corellia reveals that many of the workers there have remained loyal to the Empire, a major blow to Han, who has worked tirelessly to free the galaxy from Imperial tyranny. Though Ahsoka dismisses their loyalty as greed, the passion with which the First Man said “For the Empire” before firing the first pistol shot shows how deeply the Corellians believe in what the Empire once stood for. Only those who truly believe in such a cause would be willing to risk dying for it.

Loyalty to the Empire, as demonstrated in the shipyards, paved the way for the First Order to successfully conquer Core Worlds like Corellia. The system the Empire implemented most prominently on the Core Worlds made them prosperous and was convincing enough for such planets to welcome the First Order and their ilk with open arms. Although inequality still exists on these worlds, the rich continued to prosper under the Empire and later the First Order, and so the inhabitants of the Core Worlds continued to swear allegiance to them.

This is why Han’s backstory, first revealed in Solo: A Star Wars Story, is so tragic, and why it makes it even sadder. Han was directly involved in the rise of the elite from the tyrannical Empire, and despite what he and the other Corellians went through during that time, much of the planet still swears allegiance to the Empire and the systems they created. This will show why the First Order was able to rise so easily in the galaxy after the Galactic Civil War, despite the carelessness and arrogance of the New Republic as portrayed by Ahsoka, since it was assumed that Imperial loyalty could fade so quickly.

Source: Screenrant

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