Diablo IV: Diablo Immortal’s Iconic Character Class Could Be Coming To The Game?!

The developer of Diablo IV has revealed whether the Diablo Immortal Blood Knight class will ever arrive in the game…



In an interview at Gamescom 2023, General Manager Rod Fergusson gave a definitive answer as to what the future of the Blood Knight class will look like in Diablo IV.

Although the new Blood Knight class in Diablo Immortal has caused some serious consternation. Diablo IV developer Rod Fergusson has revealed that players shouldn’t expect to encounter the bloody champion in the franchise’s latest chapter.

Diablo IV Season of Blood debuted on August 22, and among the myriad of improvements and quality of life features promised, the community couldn’t help but notice the overt vampire theme.

Vampires have always been a passive presence in the Diablo franchise. With the announcement of Blood Knight coming to Diablo Immortal, vampires are finally (and rather ironically) in the spotlight. Diablo IV takes this concept further with the theme of Season 2. A spear-wielding, dark champion fits seamlessly into the Diablo class fantasy. Many players couldn’t help but wonder if the Blood Knight would eventually find his way into the fourth instalment.

In an exclusive interview with German 4Players during Gamescom 2023, Rod Fergusson was asked about the Blood Knight class and its immediate future in the franchise. Fergusson claimed that the theme of Season of Blood was a mere coincidence. Furthermore, that Diablo IV and Diablo Immortal are two very different games with very different technology. Finally, he confirmed that there are currently no plans to add Blood Knight to Diablo IV.

Given the immediate popularity of Blood Knight among Diablo Immortal players, Fergusson’s response will undoubtedly disappoint some. However, if the rumours are to be believed, Diablo IV’s own sixth class could still be a thread-armed knight, albeit one who channels the angelic power of the High Heavens.

Among other questions asked during the interview, Rod Fergusson also revealed that Diablo IV will not have Public Realm Testing for future patches because it will increase development time and slow down the release of updates.

Although Blood Knights will not be included in Season of Blood, players can still live out their fantasies. That is, they can become vampire hunters who use vampire powers against their prey. The full extent of these powers – and how they will fit into existing end-game stories – is unknown. But for many fans, the absolute highlights of Season 2 are the ambitious attribute overhauls. Also, the addition of a search function to the stash, as well as changes to gems, will be among them.

Source: Icy Veins

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