Daniel Radcliffe’s Stunning Physical Transformation for ‘Miracle Workers’ Season 4 Fuels Wolverine Casting Rumors: See the Jaw-Dropping Photos!

MOVIE NEWS – Daniel Radcliffe can dazzle the audience not only as a wizard, but also as a muscular superhero. In the last episode of the series Miracle Workers, we saw him in such a form that fans immediately imagined him in the role of Wolverine. The actor does not hide that he would like to play one of Marvel’s most popular characters, and he has now shown what he is capable of.


Daniel Radcliffe is not satisfied with writing himself into film history as Harry Potter, but is constantly looking for new challenges. In the comedy series Miracle Workers, he plays different characters every season, and among them there are some quite daring ones. In the final episode of the fourth season, for example, in an underwear scene, we could admire his muscular body, which he worked on thoroughly in the gym.

Of course, comic book fans did not leave this sight unsaid, and they immediately thought that Daniel Radcliffe would be the perfect choice to portray Wolverine (Wolverine). The actor is similar in height and build to Logan in the comics, and has previously said he would love to play him. Hugh Jackman has already said goodbye to the role (although he may return once more in Deadpool 3), and Marvel Studios will soon recycle the X-Men characters.

In addition to Daniel Radcliffe’s name, other actors have been mentioned as Wolverine, such as Taron Egerton, Scott Eastwood or Zac Efron, but there is no official announcement yet about who will inherit Jackman’s place. However, the images of the last episode of The Wonder Workers can provide a strong argument for Daniel Radcliffe, as it closely resembles one of Hugh Jackman’s most iconic scenes…

Who do you think of as Wolverine? Don’t forget: Hugh Jackman was very tall and thin compared to how Logan was portrayed in the comics, so you might not need to look for an actor who looks like him…

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