Mass Layoffs Hit Embracer: Gearbox and Borderlands Franchise in Trouble!

News of layoffs at the publisher have appeared on LinkedIn, but it is not yet known how many people will be affected by the redundancies.

Embracer has reportedly made a series of layoffs at its Gearbox Publishing subsidiary. The wave of redundancies at the publisher began back in June, as Game Developer reported, with localisation specialist Allan Jacquemart posting on LinkedIn at the time.

“Unfortunately, no one foresaw it, but my contract and those of my colleagues who started in June were terminated on the last day of our probationary period (which also happened to be my birthday, sheep). We were simply victims of the group’s reorganisation”.

The redundancies appear to be continuing, with senior business development manager Steve Gee posting on LinkedIn on Wednesday that he had also been made redundant from Gearbox Publishing. Gearbox’s latest title, Remnant 2, was released last month and just topped the US monthly charts for July. The Gunfire Games title sold one million copies in a matter of days. has contacted Gearbox Publishing for comment. The layoffs are the result of Embracer’s restructuring programme, announced in June following a “challenging year”. At the time, CEO Lars Wingefors said it was unclear exactly how many people would be affected. Since then, Embracer shut down Campfire Cabal in early August this year, less than a year after its inception, and veteran studio Volition Games just yesterday, after 30 years of existence. Embracer reported its first-quarter results earlier this month, reporting a 47% increase in net sales.


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