Hogwarts Legacy: Spellmaster – The Expansion That Fans Have Been Waiting For!

Hogwarts Legacy is a very good game. Some might even say it’s a great game! But as we move away from the launch and initial hype, it becomes clear that fans expected and wanted more.


To be fair to Hogwarts Legacy, the expectations were too high. The fact that it managed to meet the high expectations of the fans at all, rather than collapsing, is a tribute to the hard work of Avalanche Software.

Unfortunately, Hogwarts Legacy can’t really hold its own against other 2023 games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Baldur’s Gate 3 and Starfield. In comparison, the Wizarding World simulation just feels a little… empty. So it could definitely use some more content, right?

Here is Hogwarts Legacy: Spellmaster comes in. It’s a wonderful, fan-made gameplay expansion that puts a bunch of new spells in players’ hands and introduces some fun new elements to combat – an area of the game that otherwise becomes increasingly tedious the more you delve into it.

The mod allows you to use the following spells in combat: Confundo, Diffindo Maxima, Obliviate, Pestis Incendium, Petrificus Totalus, and Stupefy. After installing the mod, you can equip these spells just like any other spell, and each has its own unique effect on the enemy.

Pestis Incendium unleashes a powerful fire attack, while Diffindo Maxima is basically Diffindo with a longer range. Stupefy is a new counterattack type, and Obliviate erases the enemy’s mind. Confundo briefly disorients the enemy, and finally Petrificus Totalus acts as stealth.

While there are no official expansions for Hogwarts Legacy, fans have had a great time extending the game’s life. There has been plenty to see and do, from rideable dragon horses to a roaming system similar to Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto games to Gryffindor’s sword as a weapon. Basically, modders are keeping this game alive while we wait for Hogwarts Legacy 2. Isn’t that always the way?


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