The Switch 2 Rumored to Feature Unreal Engine 5 and DLSS Capabilities

At least two sources confirm Nintendo’s covert console unveiling at Gamescom, where the Japanese company allegedly presented its new console, the ‘Switch 2’ (though the name is still unconfirmed), behind closed doors to an exclusive group.


The buzz began circulating when EuroGamer revealed that Nintendo may have unveiled a successor to the iconic Switch, colloquially dubbed “Switch 2,” during an exclusive session with select developers at last month’s high-profile Gamescom gathering. Suggestions are that Nintendo showed off tech demos for the upcoming console, which is slated for a launch next year.

That’s where EuroGamer’s story ends, but VideoGameChronicles wasted no time in reaching out to its own trusted informants for confirmation. These contacts indicate that an updated version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is in development, with improved performance metrics for the rumored Switch 2. While the finer details of resolution are under wraps, the prevailing wisdom is that the next iteration will outperform the current 1200×720 model.

Adding to the narrative, VideoGameChronicles claims that Nintendo showed off a tech demo using Unreal Engine 5, dubbed “Matrix Awakens.” This particular demo has previously made headlines on next-gen platforms like the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Interestingly, this tech showcase is said to include NVIDIA’s DLSS technology, which has long been whispered to be part of Nintendo’s next console endeavor.

Another insider at VGC suggested that the demo ran on Nvidia’s DLSS technology and even featured advanced ray tracing. It allegedly displayed graphics on par with current generation Sony and Microsoft consoles. However, this shouldn’t be taken as an indication that the Switch’s successor will have raw computing power comparable to non-portable next-gen systems.

– Andy Robinson, VideoGameChronicles

It’s worth noting that the current Switch system runs on an NVIDIA system-on-a-chip (SoC) based on the somewhat dated Maxwell architecture. The report also supports previous speculation that the new console will benefit from upscaling capabilities when docked. The existing model is capable of Full HD output in docked mode, setting the stage for possible 4K support in the next version.

Insiders have confirmed that Nintendo is already sending development kits to a handful of select studios, suggesting that the new console’s 2024 release schedule is on track. The report speculates that the first iteration may skip OLED in favor of a more cost-effective LCD display.

While details on the NVIDIA SoC are still under wraps, there’s talk of a possible DLSS integration, which would be a significant upgrade for this energy-efficient console. This move could set the stage for Nintendo’s next console to compete with the upcoming AMD Zen4/RDNA3-based systems, which are expected to evolve into Zen5/RDNA3.5 architectures next year.

Source: EuroGamer, VideoGameChronicles

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