No Starfield On PlayStation 5? Never Mind, This RPG Is Even More Worth Checking Out!

If you miss Starfield, PlayStation 5 users can now grab an alternative RPG…



Starfield is not coming to PlayStation 5 any time soon. Sadly, it might not be coming to PS5 at all if we’re really honest with ourselves.

Starfield became available to the general public last week, on September 6. Bethesda’s latest RPG scored a couple of 10/10 reviews, but not everyone was blown away by it. Despite a lower-than-expected Metacritic score of 88, most people seem to love the sci-fi adventure.

Seeing the love and excitement for Starfield is obviously amazing, but PlayStation gamers may be missing out on the fun. Sure, we’ve got The Last Of Us, Marvel’s Spider-Man and God Of War, but what do we do now if we’re in the mood for a good RPG?!

It’s simple: go and play Baldur’s Gate 3, now available on PlayStation 5 and every bit as good as the PC version!



A Baldur's Gate 3 rengeteg karakteropcióval lepi meg a rajongókat, amelyek a megjelenéskor érkeznek, köztük két fajjal, egy új osztállyal és megnövelt szinthatárral. Azonban kihagyja az egyik legnépszerűbb konzolcsaládot... Starfield



It’s worth noting that Starfield and Baldur’s Gate 3 are very different games with very different ambitions. We cannot say that one is better than the other. Baldur’s Gate 3 is a vast, impressively detailed and extremely ambitious RPG. It transposes the freedom of Dungeons & Dragons as cleverly as possible into a video game. It may not appeal to some people looking to fill the void left by Bethesda’s game, but I promise it’s worth a try.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is really monumental. It’s sure to keep your attention once you give it a chance. The game’s cinematics alone are around 170 hours long. You’ll see over 17,000 different endings. This is a game that rewards customisation every step of the way. It encourages player choice and creative thinking.

So, if you’re looking for something new to play but don’t have an Xbox or PC to try Bethesda’s latest game, I can’t recommend Baldur’s Gate 3 highly enough. Not to mention, in this case, the PlayStation port is particularly well done. It’s well worth a try.

Source: Dexerto

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