It’s Not A Nintendo DS, It’s A Handheld PC: The Ayaneo Flip!

TECH NEWS – Ayaneo’s portable PC promises unparalleled grip and comfort, and it’s even got a keyboard!


We’ve reported on many of the more prominent devices in the handheld PC range. There’s the Steam Deck from Valve, the ROG Ally from Asus, or the Legion Go from Lenovo, but what they have in common is that they don’t have a keyboard but rather a design similar to the Nintendo Switch. That’s not the direction the Ayaneo Flip has set itself. It wants to be a PC that fits in your pocket, but at first glance, it could be mistaken for the Nintendo DS…

But if you open the lid, you’ll find the buttons, the D-pad, and the two analog sticks on the Ayaneo Flip… and next to them is a mini keyboard, which will be particularly useful for those with thin, long fingers because they won’t be typoing too often. The machine runs Windows 11, and anyone who’s typed on the old Xbox 360 keyboards or even Blackberries will be familiar with the feeling.

Let’s also talk about the hardware of the machine. On Ayaneo’s Discord server, the company announced that the Ayaneo Flip has a 7″ (17.78 cm) display capable of 120 Hz, but it is not yet known whether it is a touchscreen. There may also be a trackpad to the left of the Y button. The APU is not yet confirmed, but if Ayaneo wants to follow the trends, it will use AMD’s Ryzen 7840U in the machine, as it does on its other devices. According to Arthur Zhang, the company’s CEO, it will have a similar specification to the Ayaneo Neo 2S, which will also carry over the cooling technology.

Also of interest is the Ayaneo Slide, the company’s first handheld PC with a keyboard. It has a similar display to the Nokia Sidekick, with a mini-keyboard hidden behind it. Pocket PCs were all the rage 20-21 years ago (our editor-in-chief used one), so there could be a renaissance if the keyboard devices are successful…

Source: PCGamer

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