SteamOS 3.5: Much More Vibrant Colors For The Steam Deck

Valve has now released the latest version of its modified Linux-based operating system for preview.


The Steam Deck doesn’t come with Windows, like the Asus ROG Ally, the Legion Lenovo Go, or the Ayaneo devices (all of which we’ve reported on; most recently, we wrote about the Ayaneo Flip, which looks like a Nintendo DS, but when you open the lid, you’ll find a mini keyboard). Valve has announced on Steam that it will soon make SteamOS 3.5 available to everyone for its operating system. It promises to be an exciting update.

Valve has rethought the primary colors of the Steam Deck and is now using sRGB for them. By default, you get a much warmer and more vibrant color scheme. Head over to Settings – Adjust Display Colors, and you can make more adjustments there. You’ll also get a test image, or you can play the game you’re running to see how you’ve changed it. You can also revert to the previous settings or switch to a much brighter color scheme, which can harm the gradient.

Gamers using external monitors will also be happy to know that with SteamOS 3.5, HDR and VRR (High Dynamic Range and Variable Refresh Rate) are now available. All you need is a display and USB-C adapter to support them. Connected to a sufficiently modern monitor or TV, you can get a stable, beautiful experience. The device wakes up from sleep faster, the orientation of touchscreens on external displays has improved, and external displays are more scalable. You can also use stretch and zoom scaling on external displays to manage different aspect ratios. Valve has also improved latency when the app renders slower than the display refresh rate.

There was also a long-standing bug that Valve fixed. It caused some applications to thoroughly degrade the performance of the Steam Deck processor unless you chose to turn off SMT. Updates and bug fixes like this are always welcome! Oh, they also optimized for Starfield…

Source: PCGamer

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