The Outer Worlds 2: Obsidian’s Upcoming Game May Get A Much-Demanded Feature!

Some newly surfaced evidence suggests that Obsidian Entertainment’s The Outer Worlds 2 may include multiplayer elements.



According to some newly surfaced evidence, the Outer Worlds 2 may include multiplayer elements. This small unofficial glimpse into the upcoming game is a potentially significant addition to the list of things fans can expect from Obsidian Entertainment in the near future.

Suspicions that The Outer Worlds 2 may include multiplayer elements stem from a recent job opening at the company, which Obsidian began advertising earlier this week.

The ad in question doesn’t mention a sequel to The Outer Worlds by name, stating that the studio is looking for a senior network programmer. The person would help “develop multiplayer game systems using the Unreal Engine”. This description suggests that the job opening has nothing to do with the Unity project. However, it implicitly excludes any connection with Avowed, which uses the Unreal Engine 5 engine.

Although Avowed was originally a cooperative RPG, Obsidian dropped the multiplayer aspects sometime during its development. This was revealed in the company’s 20th-anniversary documentary, released in early August. Putting aside the somewhat unlikely scenario that Obsidian – a studio with fewer than 300 employees – is currently working on four or more projects, this job posting that has just surfaced suggests that The Outer Worlds 2 will have some kind of multiplayer feature.

True, it’s not apparent, but the suggestion is consistent with a recent report. According to the latter, The Outer Worlds 2 may also be released for PlayStation. Before the leak, the upcoming title was not expected to make it to Sony’s ecosystem. Especially since Obsidian is now part of the Xbox Game Studios family. However, multiplayer games have so far proved to be partially exempt from Microsoft’s policy of withholding first-party content from its most fierce rival.

This year’s most prominent example of this phenomenon was the Call of Duty deal Sony signed with Microsoft back in July.

It was clearly in the tech giant’s interest to push this deal to the finish line of the still-pending Activision Blizzard buyout. The move continued a historic trend of prioritising accessibility over exclusivity for multiplayer games. It is likely the same drive that influenced the company’s decision to offer Fallout 76 for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers in January. This could also help The Outer Worlds 2 get a multiplatform release. Assuming the upcoming game eventually includes multiplayer elements.


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