iPhone 15 Pro: It Will Be Much Cheaper To Replace The Back Glass

TECH NEWS – At Apple’s Wonderlust event, the Cupertino-based company also talked about how the iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max phones will be cheaper to repair due to their design and construction, in case you throw the device on the table with too much momentum…


The glass on the back will be much easier to remove, and we’ve already seen this solution on the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, so they’re now rolling out the easier-swappable version to all phones. According to US pricing, if the iPhone 15 Pro’s back cover cracks, you’ll have to pay $170 to replace it, while for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the price is $200. You can expect the pricing outside the US to be significantly higher, especially if the phones cost way more. It seems expensive at first sight, but in the iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max case, we had to pay much more ($500/550).

The iPhone 15 will be available in stores from October 22, but pre-orders are already open (at least it makes sense for hardware, but for games, not so much…), and it’s finally a convenience that the public has been waiting for. USB-C is also showing up on the Pro/Pro Max models, but the two base handsets will have USB 2.0 connectivity only (no doubt for price-cutting reasons), and it’s also something that Android phone owners have been able to get their hands on for years. Except that the marketing of the A17 Pro chip seen in the Pro pair may have been overdone: we wrote the other day that the chip is not much more powerful than the A16 Bionic in the iPhone 14, and the similar codename suggests that there is no significant change…

Meanwhile, the new iOS operating system will arrive later today, but it could be installed on several generations of phones. However, we must ask how Apple didn’t think of a lighter, cheaper back glass replacement sooner.

Source: WCCFTech

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