skate.: Parkour Gameplay Leaked [VIDEO]

The free-to-play reboot is currently undergoing PC playtesting, so it was only a matter of time before Electronic Arts encountered the game’s leak.


The reboot of the Skate franchise won’t eventually be released as Skate 4, but instead, the project will be called skate., and Electronic Arts is already testing it on PC. Footage of it (complete with watermarks, standard for work-in-progress games in alpha/beta states to identify who the footage is from, but here, they’ve censored these jumping watermarks in the 62-second video) is embedded below.

But it’s not the same skate. as before, parkour will be a more critical part of the gameplay. While we were able to get off our skateboards to run around in previous episodes, the footage suggests that parkour could provide expanded gameplay. We may see more soon, as the publisher has already hinted that they want to test their game on consoles and PC. They also touched on it in a blog post, “We also want to give a shout-out to the console Skate community – yes, we are still currently only playtesting on PC but we promise console playtesting will be coming. We don’t have a date to share yet, but stay tuned.”

skate. was not unveiled yesterday: it sounds a bit scary that Electronic Arts confirmed it in June 2020. So it’s been three years since then, but the pandemic hasn’t made it so easy to develop because the game would almost certainly have been released without it. It caused such a stir on Twitter when it was announced that it broke Electronic Arts’ interaction record there (after Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5, the public was mainly waiting for a GOOD skateboarding game!).

Full Circle is working on skate. (supports cross-play and cross-progression). It’s a Canadian studio and the first game from the Vancouver team. It’s led by Daniel McCulloch, who spent 15 years at Xbox before moving to Electronic Arts in 2020.

Source: VGC

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