Starfield: World-Famous Actor Appears In The Game – Why Should You Wait The Eleventh Of November?!

A Starfield player with impressive design skills has created a Leonardo DiCaprio look-alike for Bethesda’s latest title. Meanwhile, is there any reason to get ready for November 11?



A Starfield player has managed to create a Leonardo DiCaprio look-alike for Bethesda’s latest RPG. His design feat is just the latest in a long line of examples of the impressive flexibility of the game’s character creator.

Starfield continues Bethesda’s long tradition of offering granular character creation in open-world RPGs.

The latest such impressive attempt comes from Reddit user BigChungusSupremex. He recently managed to create a Leonardo DiCaprio look-alike in Starfield. The enthusiastic young DiCaprio impersonator has impressed thousands of gamers. His performance made the front page of the r/Starfield subreddit over the weekend. Along with the general praise, many fans who reacted to this design feat also expressed their dismay. Saying how little success they themselves had achieved in their own attempts to create the notable faces in the game…

Additionally, the author of the DiCaprio look-alike has helpfully offered to share the appearance sliders in response to complaints. But the complaints themselves highlight that despite its impressive flexibility, Starfield’s character creator is rather challenging to master. The root of the problem lies in Bethesda’s decision to bind the granular face-shaping controls to dozens of non-descript sliders known as “shape blends”.

Without further explanation, recreating a particular look in a galaxy-spanning RPG is a long and arduous affair that requires quite a bit of trial and error.

Leonardo DiCaprio, the author of this Starfield recreation, overcame these difficulties through sheer perseverance. After explaining that he had simply pulled up a picture of the famous actor on his laptop, sat the computer next to the TV and then carefully started to sculpt every nook and cranny of his character’s face. He kept trying until he was completely satisfied with the result. The whole process took about an hour,” the fan revealed. He added that he had mastered the mechanics by the time he was done. Players who aren’t keen on such time-consuming work can still experiment by modifying one of the various appearance presets offered by the character creator. This template block can be extended by modding Starfield for PC.


November 11 could be a big day for Starfield


November 11 is a bit of a special day for Bethesda. Skyrim was released on November 11. And the first announced release date for Starfield was November 11, 2022, before it slipped to 2023. It seems likely that Bethesda would have released the game on November 11 this year if it wasn’t a Saturday, but just because it’s not a normal workday doesn’t mean Bethesda can’t do something special on that day. It seems like it really should, celebrating the recent release of Starfield and maybe even doing something for the 12th anniversary of Skyrim. What that might be, if it manifests at all, remains to be seen.

Two months after the release of Starfield, it might make sense to reveal an official roadmap or more details about the Shattered Space DLC.

Another possibility would be something smaller, perhaps some crossover content between Starfield and Skyrim. Or even just revealing some key player stats. In the end, it seems likely that Bethesda will do something about this one. Fans shouldn’t expect any significant content drops or anything really to do with The Elder Scrolls 6. Considering it’s only two months away, though, it would be an excellent way to mark November 11 as Bethesda Day. That’s not really the case right now, but given that other gaming fandoms celebrate particular days as unofficial holidays, it would make sense for Bethesda to take advantage of November 11.

Of course, it could happen that this date will not mean anything special. This is the most boring possibility, even if it is also the most likely. Overall, though, it’s clear that many fans will still be playing Starfield on November 11.

Source: Reddit, India Today Gaming

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