Google Bard: Google’s AI Chatbot Goes Totally Skynet?!

TECH NEWS – Google Bard can now connect to your Google Account and related services…



It looks like Google Bard is getting several new features. The main focus is on Bard extensions, which are only available in English for now. For those curious, it’s a new way for users to interact with the AI chatbot. With the new feature, you can actually ask Bard to collect information from Gmail, Google Documents, Drive, Maps, YouTube, Google Photos, Airplane Tickets and many other apps.

All you have to do is ask Bard a question, and it will respond with the correct information from your service.

For example, if you’re using the Bard extension in Gmail and you’re looking for a specific email, you can simply ask Bard to look for that email with just one request.

In addition, another new feature of Google Bard is the ability to double-check replies. This is great if you’re sharing your opinion online and want to make sure what you say is correct.

Going further, Google also announced that a new update to Bard will allow you to build your own conversations from other conversations. If someone shares a Bard conversation with you via a link, you can actually continue the conversation with that person about the topic being discussed.

All this change obviously has its positive aspects. Google Bardot will undoubtedly help to increase productivity. It will also make it easier for everyone to find what they are looking for. It is safe to say that artificial intelligence is the future. If Google and other companies make such improvements in their chatbots, we will have nothing but a solid experience in the future.

We can expect many more features in the future that will only make the overall experience with Bard and other chatbots even better.

However, it should also be remembered that all of this makes us even more vulnerable to technology. Not just to the tools or the still immature AI. But above all, to the tech giants, who also have a vested interest in creating this kind of dependency. And for the time being, it is not clear that they are developing AI with sufficient care and responsibility…

Source: Google Blog

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