Is Daryl Dixon Doing “That” Again?! The Walking Dead Has Nothing New To Show…

MOVIE NEWS – The latest spinoff series, Daryl Dixon, started off strong but continues a ridiculous theme Daryl has had all along on The Walking Dead (WARNING! Spoiler alert for episode 2!)



The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon has received mostly positive reviews so far. But it continues the same tiresome theme for Daryl (Norman Reedus) that we’ve seen throughout The Walking Dead. With Daryl being such an iconic character in the franchise, it’s no surprise that he’s faced many problems throughout the series. Daryl has appeared in more episodes than any other character in the series. So, he is the most likely to be at risk.

Plus, his fearlessness makes it almost inevitable that he’ll get into trouble, so The Walking Dead continues a recurring trend of the character.

One constant in Daryl’s life throughout his time in the series is his tendency to get caught. He is often confronted by others, which may be a direct cause of why he finds himself constantly captured. Yet, it borders on the absurd.


Daryl Dixon is captured again in episode 2


In episode 2 of Daryl Dixon, the protagonist is captured again. This time, Daryl’s situation is not nearly as bad as in previous encounters. But for a moment, Daryl still finds himself in grave danger. His current goal is to help free Laurent (Louis Puech Scigliuzzi) in northern France so he can get home. He and his companions are forced to go on foot after abandoning their horses. Daryl gives chase, only to find himself trapped and at the mercy of the latest group in the series. Luckily, they have no ill intentions and become his allies.

Even if this moment poses much less of a long-term threat, the trend of Daryl being constantly captured continues. This repetition may not have harmed Daryl Dixon’s story or pacing, but if bad habits were not broken, the series’ future could be in trouble. So far, the spinoff has been a breath of fresh air within The Walking Dead franchise. Its standalone story has brought back many of the traits that initially made The Walking Dead so good, but there’s still a long way to go.

The fact that Daryl was captured so early on leaves room for more of the same, assuming they confirm Daryl Dixon season 2.


Daryl has been captured several times on The Walking Dead


The fact that Daryl finds himself in captivity is an exaggerated theme in The Walking Dead. It’s shocking how many times it’s happened. Except for the introduction of Terminus, the CDC and Negan (Jeffery Dean Morgan), where most, if not all, of the group has been captured and kidnapped one by one countless times. The most notable would be when the Saviors locked him up. Daryl had a whole story arc where they tried to break him and get him to join the group. The Walking Dead season 11 repeated this Daryl storyline when they did the same thing to the Reapers.

Daryl, captured by the Reapers, was forced to become part of the group before he finally took them down from the inside, similar to his storyline with the Claimers.

He was also held captive in Woodbury by the Governor (David Morrissey), where he was reunited with his brother. Daryl and Michonne (Danai Gurira) were also captured by a group of children who branded them, adding to the many scars they bear due to their time in the apocalypse. Despite having been captured so many times before, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon refuses to let go of the topos, and it may not be long before he finds himself captured again.

Source: Vulture

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