Xbox Secretly Developing A DualSense Killer Controller?!

TECH NEWS – A brand new DualSense-style Xbox controller has leaked online. Apparent plans are for the device to be released sometime in 2024.



Microsoft’s big FTC leak has revealed that they are planning to release a brand new Xbox controller in 2024, which will apparently have the same features as the PS5’s DualSense. Xbox regularly releases new controllers. Sometimes, these controllers offer more features at a higher price point, such as the Xbox Elite Series line, though most of the time, they are simply rebranded versions of the primary Xbox Series X/S controller.

Xbox gamers can expect to see new colours of the original Series X controller for years to come, plus they can design their own controllers using the Xbox Design Lab.

However, it seems that Microsoft is planning to release a new Xbox controller next year. This will be much more substantial than a simple colour change.

According to leaked Microsoft FTC reports, plans for a new Xbox controller have been revealed. The leaked Xbox controller is expected to retail for around $70. It will feature a new black-and-white design, new mobile app features, haptic feedback and VCA haptics that will also function as a speaker. Haptic feedback has long been a key selling point for Sony’s DualSense controller. So it’s no surprise that the Xbox is also adopting the technology. The new Xbox controller will also feature an accelerometer, quieter buttons and thumbs, a rechargeable and replaceable battery, and other extras that represent an improvement over currently available Xbox controllers.

The device hasn’t been officially announced at the time of writing, but the FTC leak is about as credible as it gets, so fans should expect its release sometime in 2024.

It seems that the leaked new Xbox controller is part of a fresh Xbox hardware push. This is what Microsoft is preparing for in 2024. Other FTC leaks have revealed that Microsoft is also working on a digital-only Xbox Series X console, as well as a slightly revamped Xbox Series S version. It seems likely that all of this hardware will be released for next year’s holiday season. But at the time of writing, nothing official has been announced about this.

In addition to hardware, Xbox software plans for the coming years have also been leaked. Especially as it relates to Bethesda. It seems Xbox has remasters of Oblivion and Fallout 3 up its sleeve. As well as a new Doom game, Doom: Year Zero. Dishonored 3 is also leaked to be in development. While it remains to be seen if everything mentioned in the FTC leak will come to fruition, Xbox fans are in for an exciting few years.

Source: The Verge

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