Lena Headey’s Hotly Anticipated New Sci-Fi Series Finally Gets A Premiere Date!

MOVIE NEWS – Game of Thrones star Lena Headey’s new sci-fi series Beacon 23, from the author of the Silo books, has been given a premiere date (after being cancelled earlier…)



Game of Thrones star Lena Headey’s new sci-fi series Beacon 23 has a premiere date. In addition to voice acting, Headey recently returned to television with her role in the HBO miniseries White House Plumbers. The series offered a satirical take on the Watergate scandal. But for his next project, the five-time Emmy nominee returns to the sci-fi genre with a drama that boasts an intriguing premise.

Beacon 23, Headey’s next project, debuts Sunday, November 12 on MGM+. The series is based on the best-selling novel by Hugh Howey, who also wrote the books that served as the basis for the Apple TV+ drama Silo.

According to TVLine, the adaptation was initially picked up by Spectrum Originals and AMC Networks but was picked up by MGM+ after both Spectrum and AMC pulled out of original programming.


What can we expect from Beacon 23?


The story follows the journey of two people whose fates intertwine after they find themselves together at the end of the known universe. Headey’s character Aster mysteriously meets a lone beacon (played by Homecoming actor Stephan James) in the darkest corners of space.

They engage in a battle of wits after James’ character questions whether Aster is a friend or a formidable foe with hidden agendas.

Behind the camera are Glen Mazzara of The Walking Dead fame and Joy Blake. They previously worked on The Resident. They are involved as showrunners and executive producers. The series was created by Zak Penn, who co-wrote Free Guy and Ready Player One. Daniel Malik, Cyrus Faird, Sydney Ozerov-Meyer, Hannah Melissa Scott and Tara Rosling star in the leading roles.

Beacon 23 has come a long way since its debut. Initially ordered in 2020, and now, after being cancelled by one platform and then moved to another, the sci-fi series is finally making its way to audiences. During this time, the adaptation of Silo also debuted, which made a big splash. Headey’s latest project could experience a similar ripple effect.

Source: TVLine

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