Phil Spencer: “We Need To Raise The Xbox Game Pass Price!”

The Xbox boss said they had no other option for the subscription service and hinted that more Japanese games were in the pipeline.


A Japanese publication, Game Watch, interviewed Phil Spencer, as the Tokyo Game Show is being held this week, and Microsoft was among the companies with a program in hand, so it’s no wonder he visited Japan. He says that with Starfield, Xbox Game Pass is doing well, and with Forza Motorsport coming soon, Microsoft can get more games on the service, which has had to be priced higher, and that it could happen again:

“First, we always want to give you options for building your library. You can subscribe to Game Pass and play or purchase the game. Millions of users have subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, and many are satisfied with using it. Although the main premise is to provide more value, the price is I think it is inevitable that it will rise in the future. We recently raised our prices once, but the decision was made after careful consideration. We believe it is important to provide services recognized as a sufficient value even if prices are increased,” Spencer said.

At the end of June, Microsoft announced that the monthly console price had increased from $10 to $11 and the Ultimate subscription from $15 to $17, so it could happen again. According to Spencer, updating Starfield will be essential to retaining subscribers, which is what Bethesda Game Studios, the game devs, is trying to do. Later, there was also talk of Microsoft working with other Japanese studios to bring games to Xbox, often unannounced:

“You can count on it. We released “Hi-Fi RUSH” this year. Although it was a small work rather than a masterpiece like “Blue Dragon”, it was a high-quality work. Japanese game creators are also part of Microsoft Game Studios, and although some titles cannot be announced yet, we are working with Japanese manufacturers to develop new games. The development environment is growing, including first-party and third-party, so I think we can expect more Japanese titles to appear in the future,” Spencer added.

Let’s hope that there will be no complaints about the quality.

Source: WCCFTech

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