Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie is also making a splash in Hollywood

MOVIE NEWS – The universe of Paw Patrol has left kindergarten, both literally and figuratively – Courtney Howard, critic of Variety, the authoritative American film magazine, summarizes his opinion.


The animated series launched ten years ago for preschool audiences has developed a lot over the years, and the current second movie accordingly appeals to a much wider audience in order to be complex family entertainment. The film was also peppered with jokes for adults, and the thematic range was expanded as well: the dogs now not only perform the duties of the local municipality, but also save the world by turning into superheroes, thanks to a mysterious meteor.

It is also worth luring adults to the cinemas, because they are the ones who buy their children the countless products related to dogs, from toys that are available in sophisticated sets and individually to patrol-patterned outfits. Aware of this, the film winks at the viewers by focusing on the downsides of consumer civilization, but the astronomical Hollywood stargazers are also discussed with a sarcastic edge.

In addition to the turbocharged visual orgy and all-pervading cuteness, the film also has a definite emotional arc, highlights the critic of Variety. The focus is on the development story of Skye, the charming spaniel-poodle mix, who is the number four competitor of the five-member team, and whose specialty is that she can fly with her helicopter and push backpack.

Howard’s verdict is that Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie certainly hasn’t reinvented Spanish wax, but the viewer gets more than last time, and no doubt cleverly repackaged.

(Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie – domestic release: October 12, 2013)

Source: UIP

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