It has been revealed what the star of the original Exorcist contributed to the latest sequel

MOVIE NEWS – It has been known for at least two years that Linda Blair, who played the possessed girl in 1973’s The Exorcist, is involved in the production of the new trilogy that is starting now, but it was only floated for a long time, exactly what is your task.


For a while, it seemed that the actress was also in The Exorcist: The Believer, as was the other star of the original horror, Ellen Burstyn, whose character provides continuity between the old and the new. between the plot of the story. It has now been revealed that Blair acted as a consultant as part of the cast of The Exorcist: The Believer. The film’s director, David Gordon Green, told the fan horror portal Fandango that the new film put the main characters, Lidya Jewett and Olivia O’Neill, through psychological trials. , that it was necessary to involve an expert who had already done the same thing once.

“We had to take into account the fact that these are two very young actresses who have to play a lot of mentally taxing and dangerous scenes,” explained the director. – We wanted to keep Lidya and Olivia psychologically safe, so we needed a helping hand to guide them through this very narrow and winding path. Linda was a huge help, no joke: she worked as a professional mental health therapist.”

The two young actresses already had to endure serious torture when the mask masters prepared them for the shots. “Obsession comes with striking physical attributes, wounds, inflammations cover the bodies of the victims,” said Green. – Our young artists had to spend two and a half hours in the make-up room. If they hadn’t had the necessary endurance, energy and determination to make this film, the filming would have been a complete nightmare. But Lidya and Olivia knew that it was all part of the exorcism.”

(The Exorcist: Believer – domestic premiere: October 12, 2023)

Source: UIP

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