World-Famous Hollywood Director To Helm The Next James Bond Movie?!

MOVIE NEWS – The latest James Bond rumours are rumoured to mention the name of the legendary Christopher Nolan…



The latest set of rumours have been put out by World of Reel staff. With the usual caveats, “reliable sources” have sworn that rumours surrounding the alleged negotiations for “James Bond 26” have linked the Oppenheimer director to EON Productions. Their negotiations reportedly led to the following terms:


  • Christopher Nolan is “in” on the deal, provided he gets creative control.
  • Aaron-Taylor Johnson’s on-screen appearance has reportedly been confirmed.
  • EON Productions wants to remake the Ian Fleming books with period film.
  • Nolan will be hired for “2-3 films”, and from then on, he will handle executive producing duties to keep the franchise on track.


Well, everyone would be eager for a Christopher Nolan Bond film, that’s a fact. But the list above is a wild one. Apparently, someone very close to that power was very quick to refute what you read above.


How have the Christopher Nolan James Bond rumours been debunked?


In further reporting by JoBlo following these rumours, a “well-informed source” shot down these claims of alleged negotiations. Not only was it said that director Oppenheimer is not in active negotiations with EON Productions.

But they also claimed that the whole story was “1000% fantasy”. This is easier to believe than the above whisper for several vital reasons.

First, Christopher Nolan would never be given complete control over his supposed 26th Bond. He would probably be given more leeway than most other parties. But EON Productions always has the final say on all things 007. Not to mention that franchise producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson certainly wouldn’t hire an outsider to run the series as “executive producer”.

Also, good luck getting Mr. Nolan to stay with a franchise for 2-3 films as a writer and/or director uninterrupted. All indications are that Broccoli and Wilson would like to see Commander Bond back on a regular schedule.

So, if the Dark Knight trilogy couldn’t be made without The Prestige and Inception, then Bond 27 and Bond 28 wouldn’t happen in the time frame planned.

Perhaps the most outrageous claim is that Bond 26 would be a complete reboot, re-adapting the Ian Fleming books for their era. It sounds tempting to completely rework the series after 60 years of history. But I highly doubt that we would have to start from scratch.

To reimagine any of the earlier films from the James Bond era, or any other incarnation, played by Sean Connery, would dilute the entire brand. If the EON Productions executives are not interested in the plethora of post-Fleming books they could adapt, some of which would be from the unpublished works of the man himself, then it seems unlikely that an “age-appropriate” approach would be an option.

Again, the only people who know what is happening with the James Bond legacy are the people who sit in the offices of the company that owns the franchise. For now, we can only talk speculation, guesswork and betting odds until Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson feel ready to announce their next 007 team. Make no mistake, 007 is coming back to the world, even if we put all these Christopher Nolan rumours to one side for the time being.

Source: World of Reel, JoBlo

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