Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: How Big Is The Eastern Continent? We’ll Show You!

We’ve got a comparison with the area seen in the original PS1 game, and we can compare Square Enix’s map of the game with the one from Final Fantasy VII in 1997.


An image has popped up on the ResetEra forum, put together by a fan. They took the incomplete map they saw during the Tokyo Game Show, colored it in, marked the key locations (Kalm, Fort Condor, Mythril Mines, Chocobo Farm, Junon), and then added the original map next to it. The result? The Eastern Continent has swollen to a size much larger than the original. Interestingly, the map doesn’t show which way Midgar is, so it’s incomplete.

It’s not a big surprise that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be massive in size (and we’re not just talking about the size of the game here: we recently wrote about why you’ll need two Blu-ray discs, for example). Director Naoki Hamaguchi also spoke about the fact that the Final Fantasy VII map has been recreated at a 1:1 ratio for the remake’s second episode, which shows that the developers have done their best to make it Square Enix’s next big game (which is fair enough, as the original Final Fantasy VII was a massive hit for Square).

We wrote last week: “According to Hamaguchi, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth had to be split up like this because they had a big vision, not because they were nostalgic. Square Enix has always planned for a large, detailed world, and there will always be a lot more to this one than what the Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Midgard showed off. If they were cramming everything onto one disc, they would have had to hold back the horses regarding content and ideas. Nomura says the game goes up to the City of the Ancients, originally the end of the first CD. Still, like the Final Fantasy VII Remake, the events of Rebirth don’t follow the original order.”

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released on February 29 for PlayStation 5 (and there will be no word on a PC port until later).

Source: WCCFTech

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