In A “Mortal” Way, Mortal Kombat 1 Is Anything But Mortal!

The latest game from NetherRealm Studios also shows a sad trend that we dare to call: devolution.


The fighting game looks good when not running on Nintendo Switch (the existence of the port is interesting, especially if you look at the characters’ quality) or PC (because Denuvo calls home on certain moves, and the weaker the configuration, the more noticeable the performance degradation). Still, there are problems (some characters are missing for fans and the balance is not the best), despite the exciting story, the diverse cast of characters and the extensive cameo system.

Mortal Kombat has always had violent executions. As such, the fatality has never been left out of the games, and Mortal Kombat 1 is no exception. The 23 characters each have two of these moves, which isn’t bad, and they’re realistic enough to make us pay attention (but General Shao’s, for example, doesn’t fit the character’s style). The other execution moves are missing, though: Babality lets you turn your opponent into a baby, Animality lets you tear them apart after turning into an animal, and Friendship ends the fight between the two fighters with peace…

All of these have been removed from the game, and Stage Fatality, which varies from level to level, is not in Mortal Kombat 1 (instead, Kameo characters each have a unique Fatality, and there are several Brutality moves available). And while NetherRealm Studios promises to support the new Mortal Kombat for a long time with more characters (Kombat Pack DLC) and story expansion, the studio should also pay attention to the execution moves, because it is a real downturn compared to previous episodes, no matter where you look (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC, Nintendo Switch).

If Warner and NetherRealm Studios want to celebrate the franchise’s illustrious past, they need to reach back into previous decades in this way, otherwise it’s not sure that the latest installment of the brawler franchise will be to everyone’s taste.

Source: GameRant

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