When Will Darth Vader Become The Main Playable Character In A Star Wars Game?

While Star Wars: Battlefront gave us the opportunity to control the villain many of us know and love, the character deserves more.


Grievous, Dooku, Darth Maul, Emperor Palpatine, Kylo Ren – just a few of the villains we’ve come to know from the Star Wars IP. However, none of them could match the level of recognition that Darth Vader has achieved. Nine out of ten people recognize the character almost instantly, and the tenth only needs a little help to tell us who we’re thinking of, and that’s not an exaggeration: he is the one that many people know from the IP that George Lucas launched (even without having seen the movie).

Impressive looks, unique design, and the voice of James Earl Jones in the original – these are the words to describe the character who, despite this, never received a dedicated video game focused on him. When he did appear, it was in a bossfight role. In Star Wars: Battlefront, he’s an unstoppable Sith character for the brief time he’s playable, but that’s paltry compared to what he could be.

In 2008’s Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, we got one of the best playable versions of Dath Vader when we took out the Wookiees in the village of Kashyyyk. A few keystrokes were all it took to get a taste of his impressive powers. But that was just one mission. Compared to that, you’d have to think more about what you could get out of him as a main character, because he’d have to be somewhat limited or he’d get everyone out of the way.

Darth Vader has appeared in Rogue One, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ahsoka, so he could have a meaningful role in the modernized, Disney Star Wars, but that would require Hayden Christensen to play him and Anakin Skywalker, because that would make the character believable, and it would be very easy to design effective artwork for the cover, and marketing would not be such a complex task.

Disney could ask LucasFilm Games to find someone to do it. It would not be difficult.

Source: GameRant

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