Diablo IV: Game’s Coming To New Platform – Lots Of Updates And Improvements! [VIDEO]

Diablo IV is finally getting some attention, according to a recent livestream from Blizzard.



Blizzard Entertainment revealed that Diablo IV players will soon be able to play the title on Steam. The announcement was made during the developer’s latest livestream, where Season of Blood was discussed, as well as the quality of life changes coming to Sanctuary. Most players were quite resentful about the handling of Season of the Malignant. Especially with its initial release with patch 1.1, but Blizzard has taken steps to correct the path, and the upcoming Season is supposed to be the next leap on that path.

It’s planned to introduce new bosses, new unique items, a stash finder, a stat override, and more. Key among the latest discoveries is the introduction of Uber Duriel. This is the tool for farming Uber Uniques in Diablo IV. Previously considered so inaccessible, it bordered on satire. Although player numbers for the game have declined and Twitch views have dropped by more than 98%, Blizzard is not only committed to continuing to support the game, but the company is also looking to expand its player base with the launch on Steam.

Previously a Battle.net exclusive on PC, Diablo IV will be the second major Blizzard game to launch on Steam, following Overwatch 2, when Season of Blood launches on live servers on October 17.

Given the critical bombardment Overwatch 2 received when it was released on the platform, players will likely do the same with Diablo IV. That being said, while Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play title, Diablo IV is a title that must be purchased. This should go some way to stemming the tide of negative criticism. It is important to note that Steam users will also need a Battle.net account to access the game. This will allow them to take full advantage of cross-platform play.


New bosses, Nightmare Dungeons and all the good stuff in Diablo IV


The Diablo IV 1.2.0 update patch brings several changes and improvements to mounts and Nightmare Dungeons. The Nightmare Dungeons have been modified so that players can earn Nightmare Sigils by completing a level instead of having to defeat a boss. Previously, players could not obtain Sigils without a boss waiting for them at the end. In addition to this change, all objectives will now be included in the critical dungeon path, which Blizzard hopes will simplify each dungeon and reduce the number of backtracks.

Thanks to player feedback, the mounts in Diablo IV have already undergone several changes, but the developers felt that more work was needed.

In the next update, the base movement speed of all mounts will be increased by 15%. Players will see better combat when mounted as the recharge time for all abilities will be reduced by 50%.

Players will no doubt welcome the changes introduced with Season of Blood. It’s worth noting that Blizzard is also rolling back some of the changes introduced during Season of the Malignant. The limited inventory area seen in the first Season of Diablo IV was one of the most controversial changes to the game when Blizzard launched the live-action aspect of the RPG. Now, every small town will have access to stash locations with routes. Players will be able to search and filter their bounty for better organization.


Finally, Level 100 will be more accessible?!


One of the most significant changes in Season of Blood is the increased experience gain for killing monsters above level 50. This will steadily increase as the player’s character levels up. Ultimately, this will help players reach the 100-level cap about 40% faster than before, which the community appreciates.

In addition, in-game smokers will now give players a bonus experience, and their effects will last even after the death of the player’s character.

In addition to all of this, the livestream also revealed the story of Diablo IV Season of Blood, in which players will team up with a vampire hunter named Erys to stop the vampire Dark Master. Players will also have access to new vampire powers that can be used by obtaining the Pact Armor. Additionally, the game will also gain five new end-game bosses with Season 2, where players can farm special Uniques and Uber Uniques by defeating them.

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