Elden Ring: Was One Of WWE’s Biggest Stars Really Doing This To Level Up?!

WWE wrestling star Randy Orton, a well-known video gamer, has upped his Elden Ring character considerably. Here’s precisely how he did it…



Allegedly, WWE star Randy Orton paid someone $1,000 to take his Elden Ring character to a very high level very quickly. Orton managed to reach an absurdly high level in the game last year.

The Elden Ring was one of the most anticipated video games to be released in 2022, winning a total of six of the ten Game Awards it was nominated for and selling 20 million copies by February this year.

The game has even managed to attract some big-name celebrities, including WWE legend Randy Orton.

The Insiderz, a popular Twitch channel, revealed Orton’s levelling trick. A former WWE tag-team duo hosts it. His members Brennan “Mace” Williams and Mansoor Al-Shehail apparently received $1,000 from Orton, who found the Elden Ring “f**king hard”. They had to collect a staggering amount of runes as part of the job. This allowed Orton to reach level 100 early in his save file and get through some of the harder moments of Elden Ring. Despite the questionable tactics, Orton reportedly still loves the game but simply “couldn’t deal with that bullsh**.”

Orton initially reported that he reached level 527 two months after release, but it remains unclear whether he did the rest of the levelling on his own or just used more of the runes he had collected.

Some of the comments on the video seemed mostly amused, with one even stating that he would be willing to accept $1,000 for the same task. Another user noted that the game’s level cap is just over 700, so Orton could have gone even higher if he wanted to. This could be done, given Elden Ring’s litany of good rune-farming sites.

Randy Orton’s tactics to level up so quickly might make some of his fans and fellow players wonder. On the other hand, video games are meant to be entertaining above all else. He hasn’t harmed anyone by his actions because we’re not talking about an MMO. Given that he was not the only player put off by the challenging nature of Elden Ring, perhaps he did what he did to make the game enjoyable for himself.

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