Twitter / X Is Set For Another Big Launch – More Subscription Levels To Come?!

TECH NEWS – Twitter/X is working on additional subscription levels that will bring new benefits, such as the ability to remove ads.



Twitter or X has been through a lot since Elon Musk acquired it. While for most users, the platform has remained essentially the same as before; many have talked about some recent changes that have occurred that the public doesn’t like. Despite this, popularity is still undiminished. Users flock to the platform whenever a new update is released.

According to a new report, Musk wants to expand Twitter Premium even further by introducing more tiers, including a tier that will go up for every ad he faces.

X Premium, formerly known as Twitter Blue, gives access to exclusive features unavailable to regular users. There is currently only one tier. It guarantees access to all the discounts offered by the platform. But if the new change is to be believed, having more tiers simply allows the platform to provide more benefits.

According to the code in the app, Twitter will now have three tiers. You will have access to Premium Basic, Premium Standard and Premium Plus. Frankly, this doesn’t sound like a good move. However, it seems to be what Musk wants, so we may have to live with it.

In itself, there is nothing wrong with wanting to introduce more levels into the system. However, for now, it is unclear why more levels should be introduced. If Twitter performs well with the current X Premium, I see no reason to introduce additional levels. If it does want to introduce more levels, they should be named accordingly. One other thing to note. For the moment, we only know that these levels will take care of advertising. We do not know whether they will offer other extras and, if so, who will benefit more: users or Elon Musk…?

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