PlayStation Plus Is Having Real Trouble?! Fans Outraged by Sony’s Latest Move!

Angry PlayStation Plus users have labelled the new free catalogue as “false advertising”…



The recent launch of Sony Pictures Core on PlayStation consoles gave PlayStation Plus premium subscribers access to a streamable, selected library of around 100 films. Some subscribers are now calling the new feature “false advertising”.

The Sony Pictures Core catalogue is just one of the new features introduced for PS Plus Premium subscribers alongside cloud streaming. Anyone can sign up to the service for free. But it’s essentially a store. You can rent and buy movies. If you’re a premium PS Plus subscriber, you get instant access to an occasionally updated library of over 100 films.

However, one user didn’t check exactly what movies you get and described the offer as “garbage” and “false advertising”.

Reddit user ShadoHazard wrote: “Sony Pictures Core is such false advertising. I’ve spent the past week trying to figure out my issue with why I wasn’t able to sign into the app. Just got that sorted a moment ago and I finally get to watch the movies I upgraded my PS+ for. […] Literally all the movies on the app’s background and marketing are not included? All we get are old B-list movies? I just paid for premium … for garbage? I was looking forward to watching Spider-Verse once I sorted out my issue. Now I finally do and I don’t even get that?”

“It screams false advertising with their new, ‘streaming service that’s included in PS+ premium’ and the background is a load of triple-A movies. I guess it pays to read the fine print lol. What a joke,” he continued.

It’s true that Sony Pictures Core is featuring Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse, 65 and Ghostbusters Afterlife in most of its advertising. However, it does not say that they are available in the PS Plus catalogue.

Instead, it describes it as offering “up to 100 films” and lists Looper, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, Elysium and Resident Evil Damnation – depending on the region.

No comprehensive list has been made available by Sony. So it’s understandable why some people were fooled into thinking that specific titles would be included. TrueTrophies has since compiled a list. It seems that the UK supply is much stronger than the US supply. The important lesson is that it is worth researching before buying or upgrading…

Source: Reddit, TrueTrophies

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