Could Invasion Get A Third Season? Co-Creator Speaks About The Series’ Future!

MOVIE NEWS – Invasion co-creator Simon Kinberg has given an optimistic update on the chances of Season 3. He revealed his big plans for the future of the sci-fi series.



An optimistic update on the chances for season 3 of Invasion from the co-creator. The Apple TV series, based on a sci-fi story in which an alien race threatens the existence of humanity, is co-creating by Simon Kinberg and David Weil. The series is currently in its second season, with the final episode airing on October 25.

With season 2 coming to an end soon, Kinberg has given an update on season 3 of Invasion. In a statement to SlashFilm, Kinberg revealed that he sees the second season as the first part of a larger series.

Kinberg stated that he had a vision for Invasion through at least season 4 and that the script for season 3 was already in development “before the strike began”.

“I saw the second season as part one, like the first 30 minutes of the second act of a movie, which is where you really start to get into the action. Then I saw, in my hopes and dreams, a season 3, like the back half of the second act of a movie where now the action is really accelerated, and the challenges are massive and seem insurmountable. Then if, God willing, we were to have a fourth season, that’s where, for me, it would be the third act of just final conflict and everything erupting, and then resolving. So there was a build, and it did mimic in many ways the structure of a movie.”

“We were working on season 3 scripts before the [writers] strike started, and we’re working on those scripts, and the response to season 2 has been really, really positive, and even bigger than season 1. Apple’s been really happy with the show. So fingers crossed we will get a shot at making season 3.”


What are the chances for Invasion season 3?


Invasion is set to launch in October 2021. Season 2 was confirmed at the end of its ten-episode run when the season 1 finale aired. The following season took two years to finally make it back to Apple TV. At the time of writing, season three has not yet been confirmed as the series prepares for its season 2 finale.

Reactions to Invasion’s Season 1 finale were mixed, but Season 2 has received much better and more consistent praise so far, which gives us reason to be hopeful.

According to Kinberg, reactions to Season 2 have “been really, really positive”.This probably bodes well for the chances of a renewal of season 2. Assuming that Apple TV is no longer planning to announce a renewal, these prospects will depend on the success of the Season 2 finale.

With the addition of Kinberg’s commentary, the chances for season 3 look much more promising. If Apple TV was “very pleased with the series”, then this is a good sign that the streaming provider will be willing to give the series another chance. If so, viewers will be pleased to learn that Kinberg has prepared what looks like a thoughtful arc that could go all the way to a fourth season.

Source: SlashFilm

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