Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster: Not A Lucky Release Date

Nightdive Studios’ work comes one day before the release of what promises to be one of the biggest games of 2024. This means that there could be some shuffling around on the calendar, although there’s not much chance of that…


Star Wars: Dark Forces might not be remembered by many, as it’s not a game that was released just a few years ago, as the internal view shooter was released on February 28th, 1995 for MS-DOS, but then got a PS1 port that had to wait until November 30th, 1996. Since Nightdive Studios specializes in revamps of 90s games (always using their own engine, KEX), they found their bag of tricks.

Here’s an overview of the story: “The original Star Wars: Dark Forces, released in 1995, raised the bar for first-person shooter games by offering players a significant amount of movement and interactivity, a wide variety of items and power-ups, and engaging environments. In the first Star Wars first-person shooter video game, players assume the role of Kyle Katarn, a defector from the Galactic Empire turned mercenary. Katarn joins the Rebel Alliance’s Covert Operations Division to infiltrate the Galactic Empire, where he discovers the secret Dark Trooper Project. The development of this powerful new line of Imperial battle droids and power-armored stormtroopers will strengthen the Empire’s grip on the galaxy unless Katarn and the Rebel Alliance intervene.

The remaster will feature all 14 original maps with the familiar Star Wars worlds and capital ships. You can jump, crouch, climb, solve puzzles, and often look at your PDA, which contains your inventory, map, and mission tasks. In combat, you can use ten weapons against twenty types of enemies. The game runs at up to 4K resolution and 120 FPS (not on all platforms, but that’s understandable), and advanced 3D rendering enhances lighting and environmental effects. Modern controller support will include weapon wheels and vibration, but the gyroscope will also be used wherever possible. There will be several powerups (health, shield, weapons, ammo), but you can also use your fists, land mines and heat detonators.

Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster will be released on February 28th for PlayStation 5, Xbox consoles, PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. So it’s an anniversary release… but the day after Final Fantasy VII Rebirth arrives on PlayStation 5. Ouch…

Source: Gematsu

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