The Shocking Ethan Hawke Horror Movie Based On Joe Hill’s Writings May Get A Sequel?!

MOVIE NEWS – A sequel to The Black Phone starring Ethan Hawke is promised for 2025.



The Black Phone was a great horror film based on Joe Hill’s 2004 novel. Ethan Hawke stars in a profound and disturbing performance as “The Grabber,” a sadistic killer who preys on young boys.

The original film centred on the abduction of a boy named Finney, who is kept in a soundproof basement where a black phone that has been turned off keeps ringing.

It is an eerie, unsettling, and compelling cinema with a minimal cast and locations. The continuation is perhaps unexpected but not unreasonable. After all, the original film grossed $161 million on a $16 million budget.

The film comes from the Blumhouse studio, which is now famous for many horror films. These were mostly hits with fans of the genre and often specialized in low-budget ideas. Their latest release, Five Nights at Freddy’s, received a mixed reception. In terms of its theme, it was inspired by a video game franchise made famous through “Let’s Play” YouTube videos.

The most surprising part of the announcement is that the release date is set for June 27, 2025. Although there are no other details, C. Robert Cargill tweeted about the sequel. This will likely confirm his return to writing duties. Cargill co-wrote the original film with director Scott Derrickson and Joe Hill.

Since there is no casting news yet, we can’t even guess what the plot of the sequel might be, so we wait with bated breath for any information.

Blumhouse was already successful in 2023 with its latest Exorcist film, which is also planned for a sequel in 2025. This will be joined by the continuation of M3GAN. Blumhouse’s next movie is coming to us on January 5, 2024, and is called Night Swim, which debuted with a very unique trailer before Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Source: Variety

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