Warhammer: Vermintide 2: New Character Class Added To The Game With A Halloween Vibe! [VIDEO]

Fatshark’s new career in Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is none other than a lovely necromancer…



Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is getting an otherworldly theme! Developer Fatshark has revealed the long-awaited fourth career for Sienna the Necromancer. With DLC available on Steam, as well as on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, you can immediately embark on a new adventure.

Since her battle with her twin sister Sofia, Sienna has come up with new dark spells that allow her to raise the dead.

The necromancer comes with two new weapons – the Soulstealer Staff and the Ensorcelled Reaper – as well as the ability to command his own army of skeletons to aid him in battle in Vermintide 2.

The Ensorcelled Reaper is a menacing two-handed weapon with fantastic cleaving power and powerful punching power. With her special attack, Sienna slams the weapon into the ground and releases a burst of energy around her. This weapon can be used in all of Sienna’s careers.

As for the Soulstealer staff, it is the guiding tool of dark necromantic magic. The primary attack fires a cursed bolt of lightning that bounces between enemies, staggering them and dealing more damage over time. The secondary attack gave the bot its name. It allows you to target an enemy and rip out their soul, dealing massive damage. This weapon can only be used during Sienna’s necromancer career.

Sienna can also use the Raise Dead career skill to make the deceased serve her will. A squad of six skeleton warriors can fight alongside him. Using the Death icon, any necromancer can command his undead army to attack, defend, or even sacrifice themselves for Sienna in Vermintide 2.

Players who want to take on the undead role of Sienna can purchase the new career as a stand-alone DLC or as part of a pack that includes additional upgrades such as includes character skins, caps and other cosmetics.

Plus, the game is now 80% off on Steam, so grab it before November 2nd!

With the release of the new career, Fatshark’s ongoing support for the game continues. Since 2018, the developers have released five additional adventure map campaigns, two game mode expansions, and currently five DLC careers. In the future, there will be additional content after the Necromancer career.

Source: Fatshark, Steam


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