Nicolas Cage Made a Shocking Reveal About his Superman Cameo in The Flash

MOVIE NEWS – Nicolas Cage shared new details about how his much-criticized Superman scene in The Flash was made, and also talked about artificial intelligence.


Nicolas Cage has revealed more details about his Superman scene in The Flash, which was ridiculed for poor CGI. Most fans questioned whether he was on set at all, or whether the scene was AI-generated from test footage on the set of his film.

The Flash quickly became one of DC’s biggest disappointments, bringing in less money than Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern movie. In addition to being a box office hit, The Flash was panned by critics and fans for a number of reasons. Most of the criticism was for the poor CGI, especially in the scenes with most of the cameos. One such cameo was Cage as Superman from the canceled Tim Burton film Superman Lives.

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Cage revealed that he was on the set of The Flash, but the Superman scene he shot was different. Cage said he was only on set for a few hours, confirming that the dress was real and that a lot of time and effort had gone into it. He also said he likes The Flash director Andy Muschietti, but criticized what they did with his cameo. Cage isn’t the only one who talked about the movie in connection with Superman Lives. Burton had harsh words for The Flash movie, which Cage alludes to in the interview.

“I literally just had to stand in an alternate dimension, if you will, and witness the destruction of the universe. Kal-El witnessed [the end of a universe], and you can imagine that with the short amount of time I had stood, what would that mean in terms of what I could convey. There was no dialogue [so] I had to convey the emotion with my eyes. So that’s what I did. I was on set for maybe three hours… When I went into the movie, I was fighting a giant spider . I didn’t do that. I didn’t do that. I don’t think [it was] created by AI. I know Tim was upset by the AI, as I was. It was CGI, okay, that’s how they aged me, and I’m fighting a spider in in the movie. I didn’t do anything like that on set, so I don’t know what happened there.”

Cage apparently had no idea what the Superman cameo looked like until he saw it on the big screen. However, he confirmed that it was not created by artificial intelligence, as Burton and others had assumed. Cage said he agrees with Burton’s approach to AI. “I know what you mean. I would be very unhappy if people took my art … and appropriated it,” Cage said. “I get it. I mean, I agree with him in that regard. AI is a nightmare to me. It’s inhuman. You can’t get more inhuman than AI… But I don’t think there was AI [in The Flash].”

Given the scene’s poor CGI, many fans are surprised that Cage was on set to record The Flash’s Superman cameo. Muschietti defended The Flash’s visual effects as intentional, but most fans are unhappy with that answer. At least fans got to see Cage take on Superman on the big screen, even if many want a better scene.

The Flash is now available on Max in 4K HDR quality.

Source: GameRant

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