Could The Next God Of War Game Already Be In The Works?!

The next God of War game may be further along in development than anyone could have imagined. Moreover, one of the veterans of the previous parts can participate in it.



The next God of War game may be further along in development than anyone could have imagined. In addition, one of the crucial creators of the previous games can work on it. Santa Monica Studio has stated that last year’s God of War: Ragnarök is the final chapter in Kratos’ Northern saga. But the ending still leaves some narrative plot threads open for a future instalment. In it, either Kratos returns to yet another mythical land, or his son Atreus takes centre stage on his own quest to uncover the truth behind his giant legacy.

Even before Ragnarök hit PlayStation 5 last winter, there was speculation about another GoW game, as Santa Monica Studio had reportedly started recruiting developers for another project months earlier.

Many players assumed that this was a new GoW project. And the leakers claimed that this is either DLC for Ragnarök or a more minor “supplementary” game like Spider-Man: Miles Morales or Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. According to new rumours, this new God of War: Ragnarök sequel could even be unveiled at the Game Awards 2023 event in December.

An important clue can be found on game director Ariel Lawrence’s LinkedIn page. She already participated in the GoW series in the PlayStation 2 era. Initially, she was an associate producer and writer for God of War 2 and God of War 3. Then, in the case of 2013’s Ascension, she played the producer role. Lawrence then left Santa Monica Studios to work as a writer for Riot Games. Here, she helped develop the narrative for League of Legends and two animated short films, Tales of Runeterra.

Lawrence eventually returned to Santa Monica Studio as a writer in July 2021 before starting work as a gamer in April of the following year, around the time Santa Monica reportedly began hiring for the post-God of War: Ragnarök project.

Although she was credited as “additional development support” for the 2018 GoW reboot, she does not appear to have worked on Ragnarök in any capacity. This suggests that she was working on Santa Monica’s mystery game instead. Given its pedigree, this project is likely to be something big if you actually get involved.

Of course, none of this confirms that Ariel Lawrence is working on Santa Monica Studio’s next game. Or, that said, the game would be a sequel to Ragnarök. But with her experience as a writer and producer on PS3-era titles like GoW 3 and Ascension, it certainly wouldn’t be out of her realm. Fans should continue to keep their eyes open for official news regarding the next God of War game, as Kratos is rumoured to be returning to the PS5 sooner rather than later.

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