The Walking Dead: Could Season 12 Be Made After All? Not Just Anyone Has Hinted!

MOVIE NEWS – Scott Gimple, head of content for The Walking Dead, says the zombie series’ 12th season could still be made – after ongoing spinoffs…



Scott Gimple, head of content for The Walking Dead, says season 12 of the long-running zombie series is still on the agenda after the spinoffs that are currently running. The flagship series ended in 2022. This gave way to several spinoffs featuring the main characters of the original series.

So far, Dead City starring Maggie and Negan and Daryl Dixon starring Daryl Dixon have begun their multi-season runs.

At New York Comic Con (via ), Gimple revealed that even though the Walking Dead series finale has already aired, he’d be open to bringing back the original series after the spinoffs are done. He also talked about all the new spinoffs – including the upcoming Rick and Michonne series, The Ones Who Live – coming together for a crossover event.

“[A crossover] isn’t specifically planned. It would be good, though, to see. The dream would be that these shows somehow converge in some way, narratively.

I’m not against [The Walking Dead season 12].”


Why The Walking Dead Season 12 would be the perfect ending for the franchise?


Gimple’s comments suggest that while a grand finale for the franchise isn’t planned, the possibility still exists. This means that everything from Dead City’s New York story to Daryl Dixon’s extended worldwide journey in Season 2 could have fundamental implications for the franchise as a whole. The Ones Who Live can build on this with a solid CRM at its core. All of this opens up a whole new world for the series.

Before the development of the spinoffs, The Walking Dead 12-15. season 2 was planned, in which Daryl would have left the series, while Maggie and Negan would have been among the main characters.

Despite going their separate ways, the main characters of each spinoff still consider each other family. Seeing them together again in the revival of the original series would provide a satisfying conclusion to their adventures in different parts of the world. This could also lead the series to a memorable endpoint for the franchise. It would introduce characters loved by the audience over many years through various series.

It is not yet clear how everyone will be able to run into each other in the future. But Gimple seems optimistic that The Walking Dead season 12 could happen sometime in the future. If this happens, it could result in multiple encounters for spinoff characters as well as characters not in the currently running series. A grand finale for the franchise would make the most sense if the spinoffs eventually reached the same ending point.


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