Can Baldur’s Gate 3 Be Censored?! It Was Revealed What Contents Can Be Cut

As Baldur’s Gate 3 hits Xbox soon, one country is gearing up to censor the game ahead of its late 2023 release…



Baldur’s Gate 3 does not shy away from explicit content. As a result, some scenes have to be censored in preparation for the Japanese release on December 21st. When BG3 was released a month early to avoid the popularity of Starfield, few would have thought that it would become such a record-breaking and high-quality title.

Given the legendary reputation of the first two games, Larian’s sequel had a lot to live up to, and it seems that Baldur’s Gate 3 quickly met (and perhaps exceeded) those expectations, according to widespread opinion.

While BG3 is getting ready for the Xbox release, they are also trying to ensure a smooth release for the Japanese audience. In Japan, strict guidelines apply to explicit content that can be depicted in the media. Thus, Larian was forced to adjust its title to pass the censorship. The obvious culprits were the sex scenes in BG3. Because the players can experience romantic encounters with their companions during the story, but it seems that nudity is not the only thing in the slaughterhouse.

As reported by IGN, Spike Chunsoft – the Japanese publisher of Baldur’s Gate 3 – said that the Japanese version of the game does not allow players to turn on the explicit content option in the settings screen. While this title’s approach to general nudity may be settled, it looks like some scenes from BG3 will also be censored. For example, not being able to torture the NPCs in the Goblin camp during the first act.

Although Larian has consistently provided post-release support for BG3, the developers are preparing for more substantial additions beyond bug fixes and balance tweaks.

A new achievement strongly suggests that the game will get a harder difficulty mode than Tactician. This will surely be exciting for seasoned players looking to pit their builds against the most brutal content in the game.

When it comes to content updates or the Definitive Edition, Larian has remained tight-lipped. The cut content of BG3 appears to include the entire Upper City. Conversely, companions like Karlach could even get a new ending in a hypothetical content update. After the game’s success, the potential of the location and characters was ripe. Larian should strike the iron while it’s still hot, as fans aren’t ready to move on.

Source: IGN

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