Mass Effect 4: New Teaser For The Game Gives Us More Questions Than Answers… [VIDEO]

BioWare sent the gaming community into a frenzy when it came out with a mysterious new teaser for Mass Effect 4 on the occasion of N7 Day 2023.



In celebration of N7 Day 2023, the official Mass Effect YouTube channel has released a mysterious new unclassified video. The short 5-second video is titled “N7 Day 2023 EPSILON” and has sparked speculation that it is related to the upcoming Mass Effect 4.

Since 2012, BioWare has been celebrating the so-called N7 day every year on November 7 – the meaning of N7 comes from the armour worn by the protagonist of the trilogy, Commander Shepard.

The N stands for Special Forces, while the 7 represents Shepard’s rank. It is the highest in the Alliance military. The unofficial Memorial Day is used to celebrate the massive Mass Effect franchise. BioWare usually marks the occasion with an online post reflecting on the series. It shows gratitude to a dedicated fan base, introduces new merchandise, and directs fans to exciting and interactive events.

This year, BioWare and EA continued the N7 tradition by creating a new blog post. In it, they announced new items for the BioWare Gear Store, as well as partnerships with Humble Bundle and Dark Horse. Interestingly, several words were interspersed with ones and zeros throughout the post. When they were all put into a binary compiler, the result was the word “Epsilon”. If you append the word “Epsilon” to the end of EA’s website URL, you’ll find a mysterious Mass Effect 4 teaser. In the short video, pounding footsteps can be heard as we see an ominous, dark figure walking through what appears to be a warehouse.

This isn’t the only time BioWare has revealed a teaser for the next Mass Effect game on N7. In 2022, a 25-second clip was posted on Twitter in what appeared to be a re-enactment of a Mass Relay. Mass Relays were the crowning glory of Prothean engineering, as they were used for near-instant mass transportation for starships throughout the galaxy.

However, when Commander Shepard activated the Crucible at the end of Mass Effect 3, the Mass Relays were severely damaged and rendered useless.

Many gamers are eagerly awaiting the release of Mass Effect 4. Many hope to reunite with some of the beloved characters from the original trilogy. Some fans are even speculating about the possibility of Commander Shepard returning. Leading up to the game’s actual release, BioWare is doing a great job of building up fan anticipation by gradually releasing weird teasers for the next Mass Effect game.

Source: EA, YouTube

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