Hogwarts Legacy: Nintendo Switch Version Just Got A Gameplay Trailer! [VIDEO]

The trailer for the Switch version of Hogwarts Legacy introduces Nintendo players to the narrative of Avalanche Software’s open-world title.



Nintendo Switch players will soon be able to get their hands on Hogwarts Legacy on November 14th. A trailer for the Switch version has also been released. The recording comes after the game was delayed for months. Meanwhile, PlayStation, Xbox and PC players were able to experience their time at Hogwarts. The trailer shows several cutscenes from the game, in which the main characters, action scenes and mysteries await the players.

Hogwarts Legacy was developed by developers Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. Games. The teams aimed to release the open-world title across multiple major platforms for both previous and current generations.

While many Twitch gamers streamed their experiences with Hogwarts Legacy around its initial release, Switch users stayed in the background while Avalanche Software worked to port the game to Nintendo’s platform.

As Hogwarts Legacy for the Nintendo Switch gets closer to its November 14th release date, Switch players can check out the first official trailer for the version. Titled “Magic Awaits,” the trailer introduces Switch owners to the game’s narrative. Narrated entirely through cutscenes, the footage features several characters that players will interact with. Such faces include Ranrok, Eleazar Fig, Dinah Hecat, Victor Rookwood and a few others. The trailer basically outlines the story of good vs. evil elements that ultimately affect the player and many characters in Hogwarts Castle and beyond.

The delay of the Nintendo Switch version of Hogwarts Legacy can also be seen in the trailer. The game shows a noticeable improvement in terms of graphics. We’re curious to see how it will turn out, although some players have already commented that they’ve exceeded their expectations after watching the Magic Awaits footage on YouTube.

Although the performance expectations are still preliminary, there have already been several waves of leaks regarding the gameplay of Hogwarts Legacy Nintendo Switch, where the graphics have been dulled.

Regardless of how the Switch version does for Nintendo gamers, the game will finally launch on the last platform it was planned for. Switch users can choose between the standard or deluxe edition of the game when it becomes available on November 14th. As for the future, PC, Xbox, and Switch players can look forward to potentially exploring the PlayStation-exclusive quest Mind Your Own Business once a specific deal between PlayStation and Warner Bros. Interactive ends.

Source: YouTube

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