Could This Long-Awaited Star Wars Game Be Further Delayed?!

An upcoming multiplayer Star Wars video game is being delayed yet again, extending an already troubled three-year development cycle.



The upcoming Star Wars Hunters is delayed again. Lucasfilm Games and mobile developer Zynga announced this free-to-play SW battle royale shooter during a Nintendo Direct livestream back in 2021. Coming to both Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, Hunters takes place between the events of the original Star Wars trilogy and Episode 7: The Force Awakens. Players will face off against each other as a selection of mercenaries, rebel heroes, and imperial stormtroopers.

Earlier this year, a Star Wars Hunters soft launch was launched on Android-compatible mobile devices in India, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

However, last summer, Zynga announced that the full version of SW Hunters would be delayed until 2023. They cited their desire to create a “competitive battle arena game that will keep you entertained for years” and meet the high expectations of fans of the Star Wars games who would love to immerse themselves in Hunters’ exciting mix of playable characters.

Unfortunately, it looks like the release of Hunters will be delayed again. Zynga announced this latest slide in a post on its official Twitter account. This means that Hunters will now be released sometime in 2024. The reasons are similar to the previous delay. According to Zynga, the team is committed to providing players with the best possible gaming experience and will need more time to do so.

Zynga also acknowledged that these delays could be frustrating for players who are excited to see what Star Wars Hunters brings to the crowded online multiplayer battle royal landscape and thanked them for their patience during the game’s lengthy development cycle.

The company also noted that fans have given positive feedback to SW Hunters’ soft-launch areas. If all goes according to plan, Zynga will add many more new features sometime before the game’s full release next year.

Fans of SW games have received a lot of exciting news in recent years. Next year, for example, Massive Entertainment’s open-world adventure game Star Wars Outlaws will be released. As well as Nightdive Studio’s nostalgic remaster of the classic FPS Star Wars: Dark Forces. Now Hunters joins that list after the latest delay. At the time of writing, Zynga has yet to announce an exact release date for the game. So players outside the Hunters soft launch area should keep an eye out for further developments.

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