Will This New PlayStation 5 Patent Make Single-Player Gaming Even More Enjoyable?!

TECH NEWS – A future PlayStation 5 update could include a much-anticipated feature for single-player games.



Could it be that PlayStation is finally putting something on the table after months of fan disinterest? If it comes to the now-patented future PlayStation 5 update, this god-given feature could change the single-player gaming experience!

Unless a game already has the feature built-in, either because it’s part of the base game or because you’ve downloaded a mod, it’s not easy to replay certain scenes.

Take, for example, the scene in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 when we finally meet Venom! You might want to go back to this cutscene without replaying the game. Yes, YouTube is always there, but it’s not the same.

Sony’s latest patent could change that. Titled “Content Streaming With Gameplay Launch,” the patent seeks to use what it calls “trigger points” to create a chapter-like format similar to DVDs. “Each trigger point may be associated with a set of game data specific to a gameplay scene within an interactive title” reads the patent, then continues “gameplay may be launched by the user device based on the identified set of game data associated with the selected trigger point.”

Honestly, it’s nice to see the PS5 getting a feature update that isn’t based on the version the Xbox has been using for years. Sometimes, brands copy each other. At other times, they innovate ahead of the competition. Perhaps with such well-thought-out patents as this one, Sony will be able to regain its former crown.

Think of the update as a highlight reel that you control. It’s a bold feature if Sony can pull it off. His patent details the intent. But the specifics of the operation were left out. Also, just because a patent has been filed doesn’t mean it will definitely be introduced. Like Valve’s planned NSFW hidden game feature, this is only an option, not a guarantee.

Such a move is unlikely to save PS Plus from criticism from users. But that doesn’t mean such a feature couldn’t bring PlayStation some sweet profits after a less-than-ideal 29 per cent financial decline…

Source: Exputer

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