All You Need to Know About Gladiator 2

CINEMA NEWS – Until now we knew about director Ridley Scott that everything he touches turns to gold in his hands (The Eighth Passenger: Death, Winged Bounty Hunter, Gladiator), and now it has also been revealed that he can also forge virtue out of necessity.


During the long-lasting big Hollywood actor’s strike, he did not complain, but neatly cut 90 minutes of Gladiator 2. This is not yet the end of the great work, it still needs to be filmed, but it is not a bad first step, considering that the film has to be presented in a year.

Scott revealed that during editing he particularly enjoyed the sequence in which the baboons attack Lucius (Paul Mescal). He is the Lucius, the nephew of Commodus, who was still a good kid in the first part. He has now become a mature man and is probably involved in a family feud with the new emperor, Publius Septimius Geta (Fred Hechinger), otherwise it would be difficult for him to end up in the arena as a gladiator, if at all. Two other big names will enhance the enjoyment of the film: Denzel Washington plays a retired freed gladiator who wisely rests on his well-earned laurels, but obviously also draws his sword at the right moment, Pedro Pascal and strong> probably plays the titular gladiator himself.

(Gladiator 2 – domestic release: November 21, 2024.)

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