Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth: Could This Be The Longest Game In The Series?!

The developer of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth has revealed that the game will be the longest title in the series and could take days to complete.



RGG Studio head Masayoshi Yokoyama has confirmed that Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth will be the longest game in the series. The Yakuza series has been running since 2005, but IW may exceed the expectations of longtime fans.

The SEGA Yakuza franchise has over 20 games, as Judgment and Yakuza: Like A Dragon are connected to the same universe.

Traditional Yakuza titles offer fast-action combat. In contrast, Yakuza: Like a Dragon focuses on turn-based mechanics. And Judgment contains more investigative elements. Although each of the spin-off series provides its own style, they are all connected in some way to the locations and characters of Yakuza. These games require several hours but Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth can beat them all.

In an interview recently translated into English by Automaton Media, RGG studio head Masayoshi Yokoyama revealed some details about Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. According to the developer, the next title will be the longest game in the series. Yokoyama confirmed that the game will take more than two all-night play sessions to complete. The developer also hinted that players might get sick trying to finish the game in one go.

Infinite Wealth has a festive feel to it, and Yokoyama hopes to give the game plenty of hype ahead of its release.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon takes over 45 hours to complete the main story. And Yakuza 5 has a 50-hour campaign, so IW has to set the bar high. As Masayoshi Yokoyama hinted, the new development will surpass both games. Thus, the playing time can even exceed 60 hours. The game’s story and some side content have already been introduced. But it is not yet known how much time the players will spend elsewhere.

Since the new content presented so far focuses on side activities such as the Dondoko Island tropical resort, they can offer more hours outside of the campaign. Given that the island of Dondoko in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth provides many customization options, players can spend more time on the game’s side content than before. With some Yakuza games taking more than 100 hours to complete fully, this announcement may hint at an even longer experience.

Source: Automaton Media

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