Xbox Game Pass: The Second November 2023 Update

Microsoft is updating its subscription service for the second time this month, but it has to be said that we’ve seen more substantial content additions from them before.


As a reminder, one game has been highlighted. Coral Island (Xbox Series, Cloud) is now available. Three games will join the service later this month. On November 17th, Persona 5 Tactica (console [Xbox Series, Xbox One], PC, cloud; launching in Game Pass, i.e. new release), followed by Dune: Spice Wars (console, cloud; already part of the service on PC) on November 28th, along with Rollerdrome (Xbox Series, PC, cloud).

Three DLC/Upgrades were mentioned in the post. An update for Grounded (Make It And Break It) is now available, as well as the fifteenth world expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator (which adds the Scandinavian countries and Greenland to the flight simulator) and Valorant Time to Duel or Die with Agent Iso in Episode_07 // Act III. Game Pass subscribers will be able to unlock the new character in Valorant immediately for free. There is no Xbox Game Pass Ultimate perk, nor has the Redmond tech giant announced any new quests.

Finally, they listed which games will be removed from the service on November 30th. As always, subscribers will be able to purchase games at a discount to continue playing them after they are no longer available. Most of the games are published by Electronic Arts. Anvil (Console, PC, Cloud), Battlefield 1943 (Console – EA Play), Battlefield: Bad Company (Console – EA Play), Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (console, PC – EA Play), Disc Room (console, PC, cloud), Eastward (console, PC, cloud), and Grid (console – EA Play).

It’s a bit of a skimpy update compared to Microsoft, and more games are leaving Xbox Game Pass than are joining. The first update in December might be bigger, maybe the second one too, to give something to do between the Christmas meals…

Source: Microsoft

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