Deadpool 3 Will be Marvel’s Only Film in 2024 (and That’s a Good Thing)

MOVIE NEWS – Deadpool 3 has the honor of being the only MCU movie of 2024, but why is this good for both the movie and Marvel?


It would be a bit of an exaggeration to call the MCU a huge force in the film industry, and Deadpool 3 only adds to that. With dozens of movies completed and billions of dollars generated, the MCU has become a train that isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The MCU has ramped up productions with this much success, which some say has resulted in superhero fatigue.

While the concept of superhero fatigue is debatable, one thing that isn’t is the fact that the MCU puts out a lot of content. With multiple movies and series coming out every single year, it can be hard for the average fan to keep track of everything, and even worse, it can be hard for casual fans to care about every character. With Deadpool 3 potentially being the only MCU film in 2024, the film could mark the start of a new trend for the MCU.

With no other MCU movies in theaters in 2024 besides Deadpool 3 in July, it’s safe to say that all eyes will be on that one. With Ryan Reynolds set to star opposite Hugh Jackman making his MCU debut, a movie like Deadpool 3 is bound to generate a lot of buzz. Aside from the big stars and rumors surrounding who might be in the film, the fact that it will be the MCU’s first official R-rated work has caught the attention of many. Expectations for the film are astronomically high, and the MCU needs it to be the big win that most expect it to be.

Considering how well the previous Deadpool movies have done and received warm receptions, the success of Deadpool 3 is essentially a foregone conclusion. The original Deadpool was made on a budget that didn’t even hit the $60 million mark and still brought in nearly $800 million at the box office. The second film, despite having almost twice the budget, did just as well as the first, and fans have long been anticipating Deadpool’s chaotic return. After Hugh Jackman’s universally loved performance in Logan in 2017, Deadpool 3 will also be a hit at the box office.


Deadpool 3 gets some room to breathe


Marvel will likely send the hype train full force for the film when it comes to marketing, and with Deadpool 3 being the sole focus of the MCU, that train will be even more powerful. With Deadpool 3 taking precedence, fans will have a hard time distracting themselves from Marvel’s other heroes in theaters or on Disney+. Once 2024 officially arrives, Marvel will have half a year to get audiences hyped for Deadpool 3, and given how quickly the announcement of Hugh Jackman joining the film hit the internet, it won’t be too difficult.

Seeing as how strange a move it would be to bring a project before Deadpool 3, it seems that Deadpool and Wolverine will have no competition for fans. While the initial goal may be to get fans of the MCU hyped up for the film and its multiverse mayhem, the mainstream stardom of Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman will have many casual fans interested in the film and perhaps even pre-ordering tickets when it becomes available. becomes What’s more, the past success of the Hugh Jackman-starring Wolverine and X-Men movies will likely appeal to superhero fans who didn’t like the MCU’s latest efforts.

Deadpool 3 could break the Marvel model


It may sound melodramatic to say that Deadpool 3 will forever change Marvel’s model, but it might. Right now, it seems like it’s no coincidence that Deadpool 3 is the only Marvel movie in 2024, which may be an attempt to counter the ongoing problem of MCU oversaturation. There is simply too much for fans to keep up with in such a cohesive, multiverse story, and some will choose to simply not watch certain Marvel movies, as is the case with the Marvels.

With the decision to focus (at least for now) on a single film in 2024, perhaps they’re trying to find out if waiting a little longer will pay off. While the wait for Deadpool 3 isn’t significantly different from the wait for The Marvels last MCU film, roughly eight months between MCU films is no small feat. It’s also probably safe to say that the hype for Deadpool 3 was far greater than the hype for the last fighting effort, The Marvels, ever was, and that was even after the trailers for The Marvels started coming out. If the rise of Deadpool 3 finally will pay off, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Marvel scaled back a bit on their releases and focused a lot more on quality than what some consider quick blockbusters that most of the fan base simply doesn’t care about.

Deadpool 3 hits theaters on July 26, 2024.

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