Could This Lovecraft Adaptation Be One Of The Best Horror Movies Of The Year?!

MOVIE NEWS – Suitable Flesh is a modern exploration of ancient fears that invites audiences to confront horrors beyond comprehension in the style of H.P. Lovecraft…



Suitable Flesh promises one of the most disturbing experiences of 2023. A creepy adaptation of the H.P. Lovecraft novel The Thing on the Doorstep. Directed by the visionary Joe Lynch and penned by the talented Dennis Paoli, the film brings Lovecraftian horror to life, weaving a narrative that examines the thin veil between common sense and ancient, evil forces.

Starring Heather Graham, Judah Lewis, Barbara Crampton, Bruce Davison and Johnathon, the new horror film ventures into the depths of psychological terror.

Heather Graham stars as Elizabeth Derby, a psychiatrist battling the uncanny in a narrative that challenges the horror genre’s conventions. Unlike traditional horror characters who readily accept the supernatural, Elizabeth insists on rational explanations. Even as the world around him descends into nightmarish chaos. As he grapples with Asa (Judah Lewis) and his mysterious stories, the film evolves into a hypnotic dance between psychological thriller and body abduction horror.

Elizabeth’s attempt to diagnose Asa’s erratic behaviour is complicated by disturbing violence and the emergence of a new personality. In a surreal mix of body abduction horror and erotic thriller, the narrative takes unexpected turns, questioning the boundaries of the genre. When Asa’s father, Ephraim (Bruce Davison), discovers occult powers that can force a body swap, Elizabeth must go on a perilous journey to save herself from falling into the “suitable flesh”…


What Lovecraft work is Suitable Flesh based on?


Suitable Flesh is inspired by Lovecraft’s 1937 novel The Thing on the Doorstep. In the author’s original story, the narrative revolves around the horrors of forbidden knowledge and the manipulation of mortal bodies by otherworldly entities. The adaptation takes creative liberties and brings modern nuances to the narrative. Meanwhile, it retains the essence of Lovecraft’s cosmic horror.

The short story begins with Daniel Upton, the narrator, unravelling the harrowing events that led him to take the life of his best friend, Edward Derby.



Suitable Flesh / Lovecraft



Their lifelong friendship turns dark when Derby’s union with a mysterious Innsmouth woman, Asenath Waite, marks the beginning of a chilling transformation. Asenath’s troubling parentage and her father Ephraim’s attempts at forbidden sorcery cast a malevolent shadow over their lives. Captured by Asenath’s mysterious occult experiments, Derby descends into madness. And Upton gets involved in a nightmarish story of forbidden knowledge and ancient horrors.

As secrets are revealed, the story exposes the sinister practice of body swapping, blurring the lines between the living and the dead. Suitable Flesh reinterprets this story for today’s audiences, offering a fresh take on Lovecraft’s timeless themes.

On Rotten Tomatoes, Suitable Flesh also received critical acclaim, with 85% of 65 reviews praising the “comic and creepy” aesthetic. The average rating is 6.9/10, which shows the film’s ability to balance 80s horror with a fresh, contemporary point of view. However, audience reception remains mixed at 67%, suggesting that the unusual mix of horror and satire may not be acceptable to everyone.

Together with the horror map, Suitable Flesh promises to be the defining adaptation of our time. Heather Graham’s captivating performance, coupled with Joe Lynch’s directorial talent, elevates this film beyond the confines of traditional horror.

Rotten Tomatoes scores reflect the genre-blending of the narrative, and the film bears witness to H.P. Lovecraft’s lasting influence on the ever-evolving world of horror films.

Suitable Flesh made its big screen debut at the prestigious 2023 Tribeca Festival on June 11. Following its premiere, the film embarked on a dual distribution strategy, hitting theatres and video-on-demand platforms in limited numbers on October 27. For those who missed the initial theatrical and on-demand releases, fear not, as Suitable Flesh is coming to select streaming platforms in January 2024.

Source: IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes

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