Would The Switch Version Of Hogwarts Legacy Be A Huge Failure?! Here’s What Gamers Are Saying

The debate over whether current-gen games should be released on the Switch continues after Hogwarts Legacy re-ignited.



Hogwarts Legacy is officially the best-selling new game of 2023. But that doesn’t mean it’s a smooth experience. Unfortunately, it seems that by having the game on every platform, the boundaries of the game have been drawn out even more under an unforgiving lens.

Switch players have reported losing the smoothness of open-world exploration compared to their PlayStation, Xbox, and PC counterparts, prompting some fans to create a Reddit thread categorically stating that HL didn’t need to should come out on the Switch.

“All of the charm is lost on the Switch version. Exploring a fully detailed and immersive Hogwarts and the surrounding world just isn’t the same,” DrunkBreadGuy shares on one of these Reddit threads. “The Switch is capable of some amazing feats. The fact that we have games like The Witcher [3], Skyrim, RDR, etc on it is impressive, and they retain all the atmosphere of the original releases. Sadly, that’s not the case with this game. There is a very clear and drastic drop in quality.”

In another thread, a player starts by saying, “I hate to be that guy.” He then tells the sad story of how he put off playing through the PC version of HL in order to play it on the Switch instead. “Got it [Hogwarts Legacy] today, and this simply shouldn’t have been released on Switch if this is the best they can make it look. It’s so blurry/grainy that it actually hurts my eyes after a while of playing.” They also added how “shocked” they were that Switch reviews have been so favourable so far.

Seeing fans so fired up about each other makes it even more interesting how annoyed some passionate gamers were that the Game Awards essentially stigmatized the Hogwarts Legacy.

One streamer was so enraged that he went on a rampage. This was shared by fans en masse, both in agreement and for their own amusement. But if the game really is as weak as Switch players claim, does Hogwarts Legacy deserve the many GOTY nominations? Perhaps it’s wiser to judge the game’s merits not just by the technical limitations of its single, flawed release. After all, it proved successful on the consoles of the current generation for a reason. In fact, it is still trendy. That being said, it’s sad and annoying that Switch players can’t enjoy it in all its glory…

Source: Reddit

Am I the only one who thinks the Switch clearly wasn’t cut out for this?
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