The Walking Dead: Destinies Bombs Even Before Release – Not The Reception The Developers Expected!

Following the first player impressions of The Walking Dead: Destinies released today, social media platforms have been bashing the game…



As the release date of The Walking Dead: Destinies approaches, a storm of criticism has flooded the game on social media platforms. Fans are voicing their disappointment and frustration with various aspects of the game. Expressing concerns about quality and overall gaming experience.

Scheduled for November 17th, The Walking Dead: Destinies officially hits shelves today. The new title promises to be an immersive third-person action-adventure game. In it, players can take on the roles of iconic characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead, including Shane, Michonne, Carol, Rick and more. Inspired by the TV series, the game promises an immersive experience as players rewrite the story of The Walking Dead from Season 1 to Season 4. Players are forced to make crucial decisions that reshape the course of the plot, providing a unique and interactive storytelling experience unlike any other in the series.

However, the initially promising landscape for fans of The Walking Dead is overshadowed by the obvious disappointment caused by the game, which is currently shared by both critics and first-time players.

Disgruntled gamers on X, TikTok, and Reddit are criticizing The Walking Dead: Destinies for several issues. A TikTok user highlighted the lack of animated scenes. He questioned how the developers could get away with this decision. Some say the game looks like it was developed on a meagre budget. While others state that they are unwilling to spend money on what they feel is an unsatisfactory gaming experience.


It’s not enough that it’s a disappointment, but it could even be a critical bug in Destinies?!


A Reddit user named ttas93 claimed that crucial characters such as Andrea, Amy, and Ed are missing, and certain cutscenes featured in the trailers are also missing. While others expressed no surprise at the outcome, arguing that nothing good could come from a trailer resembling a mobile game.

Destinies promised more than 150 different endings, but players expressed frustration with the rushed narrative that progresses through several seasons in a few hours.

An X-user named Shirrako also reported game bugs. The PS5 version became unfinishable after a certain stage. This suggests that the developers priced the game at $50 and released it in a faulty state. Thus, even the completion requires correction. In addition to the many promises of Destinies, it also includes a stress system that reflects the survival elements characteristic of the series. However, the intense backlash against the game based on first impressions raises questions about its quality. As well as whether it can meet the expectations of the fans.

The reviews contributed to the negative sentiment surrounding the new Walking Dead video game before its release. As fans express their frustration online, the fate of Destinies in the gaming world becomes uncertain. With its upcoming release, developers are challenged to address player concerns. Also, to save the game’s reputation after release.

Source: Reddit, TikTok, X

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