Attention Half-Life Fans! The Legendary Game is Free on Steam for a Limited Time, with Extra Content and Updates [VIDEO]

Half-Life, one of the defining games of the FPS genre, is now available for free on Steam, but only for a short time! To celebrate the game’s 25th anniversary, Valve is offering not only the game for free, but also a number of extra content and updates. Don’t miss this rare opportunity, grab it while you can!


Half-Life, which was released in North America on November 19, 1998, went down in gaming history as a cornerstone of modern FPS. Now, to celebrate its 25th anniversary, Valve has made it available for free on Steam, but only until November 20th. This game revolutionized storytelling in the genre and stood out with the unique personalities of the NPCs.

Valve has prepared a number of extras and updates for the anniversary, such as the 25th Anniversary Update, which modernizes the game’s visuals and optimizes gamepad support. In addition, four new multiplayer maps are coming: Contamination, Pool Party, Disposal and Rocket Frenzy.

The package also includes Half-Life Uplink, a special mini-campaign that was previously only available in a limited edition. The game’s classic menu and Valve logo are also back, so old players can get real nostalgic. The game can also be played on Steam Deck, as it has received a Verified rating on the occasion of the 25th anniversary.

Valve also released a documentary in which the developers of Half-Life talk about the birth of the game and its impact on the FPS genre. In addition, all Half-Life games are available on Steam for a discounted price until November 21st, so fans can take full advantage of this holiday season.


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