Henry Cavill’s Latest Role Is Someone Even Geralt Wouldn’t Dare Mess With! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Henry Cavill replaces one fantasy swordsman with another with his new film. Can this new character beat The Witcher’s Geralt?



The swordsman Henry Cavill will play in his new movie is so powerful that even Geralt of Rivia would think twice about fighting him. Cavill said goodbye to The Witcher after the third season. But he doesn’t turn his back on the whole fantasy genre. He will appear in the remake of the 1986 classic Highlander! Starring Christopher Lambert, Connor MacLeod is a Scottish Highlander whose immortal lineage allows him to live for hundreds of years. The story’s focus is the meeting of similar fighters in New York. There can only be one winner of the “Game” for the ultimate prize, knowledge and eternal life.

Rumours of the actor’s starring role have been swirling for years, but it looks like it’s finally becoming a reality, and Cavill’s Highlander remake has a lot to look forward to.

With director Chad Staheski, who brought the John Wick franchise to life with Keanu Reeves, Cavill could have a chance to make the Highlander movies a big hit. With their magical abilities, swordsmanship and longevity, it’s hard to imagine who would win in a fight between Connor MacLeod and Geralt of Rivia. But one thing is sure: only one can remain! Cavill’s contribution elevates the fantasy genre with life-sized heroes.


How strong is Connor MacLeod, Henry Cavill’s Highlander character, really?


Although there are many immortal beings in the franchise, the title character can be “only one”, and that is Connor MacLeod. With the power called “Quickening”, he can heal from any wound. He lives on as an ageless man through the centuries. Not only that, but his swordsmanship is incredible.

This is evidenced when various immortals who contend for his title, such as The Kurgan, attempt to defeat him in combat but fall short.

If Henry Cavill’s film follows the same story as the original Highlander, MacLeod has survived since the 16th century to be hunted by The Kurgan. Since immortals can only be killed by beheading, they can continue their secret war against each other for eternity. However, Cavill is physically much larger than Christopher Lambert. This would make his fighting style and effectiveness with the blade even more believable against someone like The Kurgan.


Could Geralt from The Witcher beat Connor MacLeod in a fight?


Since both Geralt and Connor MacLeod can heal incredibly quickly and are both incredibly good swordsmen, it’s essential to look at what sets them apart to determine if The Witcher would beat Connor MacLeod in a fight. Witcher can use magic. He can draw physical strength from it, gain agility and strength with it, and enter a trance-like state where he feels very little pain in the heat of battle.

However, while witchers are ageless, they are not immortal, so Connor MacLeod might have a better chance of defeating Geralt in a sword duel.

MacLeod has over 400 years of combat experience. This may tip the scales against Geralt, who is perhaps around 100 years old in the story. When immortals kill other immortals, they become stronger. This makes them even more formidable opponents in “The Game”. Not even Geralt’s spells and excellent swordsmanship could match MacLeod’s wisdom, and if he were mortally wounded by any means other than beheading, he would simply rematerialize somewhere else after some time, with a vengeance in his heart to track down the Butcher of Blaviken…

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